Speaker Biography
Josephine A. Sollano, Dr PH
Vice President, Outcomes and Evidence
Global Health and Value

Josephine Sollano is the Vice President of the Outcomes & Evidence (O&E) Team within the Global Health and Value Organization for Pfizer, Inc. In her current role, Jo leads a large team responsible for value evidence generation across the Pfizer portfolio to facilitate pricing, reimbursement, and patient access to medicines. Using highly advanced methodologies and study designs, the O&E team utilizes real world and clinical trial data to generate evidence specific to payor, regulatory, prescriber, patient, and policymaker’s needs.

Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, Jo held several academic leadership roles including a Senior Policy and Research Director within InCHOIR Center at Columbia University, Executive Director of the Institute for Clinical Excellence at the NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Center, and Associate Vice President of Quality Management and Outcomes at the Northshore Long Island Jewish Healthcare System as well as completed a Fellowship at the Office of Technology Assessment (SBU) in Stockholm, Sweden. Jo began her career in industry at Sanofi-Synthelabo and later joined GlaxoSmithKline where she led a team responsible for Market Access and Health Economics & Outcomes in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Jo holds a Doctorate in International Health Policy and Health Economics as well as a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from Columbia University School of Public Health and is a Registered Professional Nurse in the State of New York. Jo’s doctoral dissertation examined the volume-outcome relationship of several highly-specialized cardiovascular procedures within the context of two distinct Health Policy and Healthcare Delivery Systems (the US and Sweden). Dr. Sollano has published papers, abstracts, and book chapters as well as lectured extensively on health outcomes, epidemiology, market access and health economics.