Gary Earl
Former Vice President, Health Care and Benefits
Caesars Entertainment

Health and Well-Being Ambassador
Dedicated to creating and delivering critical innovative solutions that stimulate global change

Gary Earl has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the mission and purpose of influencing and impacting individual, business and community health. Gary’s unique blend of experience and expertise, including extensive knowledge in the disciplines of health and wellness, well-being, social science and economics has created a dynamic visionary leader who has been recognized nationally as a passionate instigator of change. He is an acutely sensitive professional with a keen ability to absorb, articulate and drive enterprise-wide business goals that encompass organizational, individual and social imperatives.

Gary’s most recent professional experience includes serving as corporate health ambassador, innovator and thought-leader, representing UnitedHealthcare. As Vice President of Health Transformation, Gary successfully developed leading edge collaborative concepts that unify both internal and external stakeholders in a collaborative exploration and creation of revolutionary ways in which to transform health outcomes while improving company brand awareness, organizational confidence and new growth opportunities.

Prior to joining the executive leadership team of UnitedHealthcare, Gary served as CIGNA Healthcare’s Senior Vice President and Founding Partner; Communities of Health. Among his numerous and recognized successful missions, Gary is most noted for successfully envisioning, creating and commanding a first ever launch of an organization which successfully established processes that connect individual behavior to the social and environmental determinants of health. Gary’s many contributions to the principles of improved health successfully produced outstanding business results and led the way for benchmarking industry success, accountability, shared value and profit.

From 2000 through 2005, Gary was nationally recognized and rewarded for his work as the Corporate Vice President of Healthcare and Productivity for Caesars Entertainment; the world’s largest gaming organization. In this role Gary pioneered the imaginative design and implementation of a comprehensive, holistic and collaborative health and productivity strategy resulting in significant improvements to organizational imperatives, an increase in the individual health and well-being status of the 81,000 employees and family members of Caesars Entertainment as well as gains to the communities in which both reside. Based upon the results of this highly regarded, industry leading transformation process, Gary was honored as Benefit Professional of the Year 2003 by Employee Benefits Magazine.

Gary’s experience prior to Caesars includes tenure with the employee benefit consulting company, The Watson Group, where he served as a corporate vice president and partner, and with CIGNA Corporation, spending over a decade of service in a variety of roles including financial underwriting, sales, management and product development. Mr. Earl is founder and Executive Director of Health, Hope & Purpose, Inc., a nationally recognized health information non-profit and is the creator and operator of both the Health Awareness Tour and the 2013 Journey for Health Tour (; cross-America bicycle tours that’s mission is to promote health awareness and instigate health improvement by delivery of an inspirational, educational to all. And to do so from the seat of a bicycle.

A frequent speaker, teacher, guide and contributor to numerous publications, events, communities and universities, Gary is ranked among America’s most sought after, talented and inspirational leaders.

“It is in our coming together in uncommon ways for a common purpose that the world can be changed”

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