Speaker Biography
Dennis A. Robbins, PhD, MPH
Director of Health Policy
National Research Network at AAFP and Board Member
DARTNet Institute

Dennis Robbins Ph.D., M.P.H. (DennisRobbins@cox.net) is a prominent health care innovator, ethicist, and thought leader. He has been acknowledged for his innovative work and as an advisor for major national organizations, associations, law firms, hospital systems, White House and Presidential commissions, private industry, and government.
Dr. Robbins was a National Fund for Medical Education Fellow and Research Fellow in Ethics at Harvard. He now serves as Director of Health Policy at PEARL at NYU, as an advisor to the National Research Network at AAFP and on the Board of the DARTNet Institute.  
Dr. Robbins has written and published several books on healthcare as well as many chapters, articles and other contributions to the literature and was instrumental in developing Hospice in the U.S.