Jan Berger, MD, MJ
President and Chief Executive Officer
Health Intelligence Partners

Jan founded Health intelligence Partners in 2008 as a health care consultancy that blends twenty five years of business and clinical experience to bring value to her clients.

As former Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for CVS Caremark (1999-2008), Jan was a member of the executive team for the organization. Over a nine year period this team led the organization through three mergers and acquisitions which resulted in an $80 billion dollar, Fortune 24, healthcare organization with more than 190,000 employees throughout the United States.

She was responsible for policy and strategy for all clinical aspects of the organization including pharmacy benefit services, specialty pharmacy, Medicare Part D, disease and health management and health information technology. Dr. Berger was also responsible for taking a leadership role in representing CVS Caremark at a variety of national health care policy forums during her tenure. Prior to coming to CVS Caremark, Jan had 15 years experience in healthcare administration within the health plan and academic arenas.

Editor in Chief of American Journal of Pharmacy Benefit and on the editorial boards of a number of healthcare journals, Jan is considered a national health care thought leader. Jan speaks and writes on a broad range of health care issues. She also serves on numerous health care boards and committees and has published over 100 articles and publications.

Dr. Berger is a "black belt" in Six Sigma, designating her as a team leader responsible for implementing process improvement projects within business to increase customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Dr. Berger holds both a Doctor of Medicine degree and a Masters degree in Jurisprudence from Loyola University in Chicago and a Certificate in Healthcare Business Administration from University of South Florida. She is also an assistant professor at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Evanston, Illinois.