Mark Graber, MD, FACP
Chief of Medical Service, VA Medical Center Northport;
Principal Investigator, National Patient Safety Foundation

Dr Mark Graber is a graduate of Yale College and the Stanford University School of Medicine, and received Fellowship Training in Nephrology at Boston University School of Medicine. He has been the Chief of Medicine at the Northport VAMC for 15 years and serves as Professor and Associate Chairman of the Department of Medicine at SUNY Stony Brook, NY.

He is the past President of the Association of VA Chiefs of Medicine and currently serves as Chairman of the VA Chiefs of Medicine Field Advisory Committee, and co-chair of the VA’s Decision Support Workgroup.

Patient safety has been a major interest of Dr. Graber’s for many years. He is responsible for initiating a patient safety curriculum for medical students and residents at the Stony Brook School of Medicine, he helped establish the first Patient Safety Awareness Week in 2002, and he helped design and establish the nation’s first voluntary, anonymous medical error reporting process, the VA's "Patient Safety Reporting System". His research interests center on understanding the causes of diagnostic errors in Medicine and he is regarded as a national authority in this area.