William J. DeMarco, MA, CMC
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pendulum HealthCare Development Corporation

Mr. DeMarco created Pendulum HealthCare Development Corporation (PHDC) based upon his 40 years of experience in community health plan development and Payer relationship management. He started his career by working with several health plans in the competitive St. Paul/Minneapolis marketplace.

In 1973, he was involved in developing both government health system solutions for Medicaid and Medicare while working for SHARE Health Plan. As one of the eight founding members of the health plan development team for this startup community health plan Bill earned critical business health plan startup experience. This led to an opportunity to work for a statewide HMO sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Program, Bill ran the Minneapolis District expanding both physician outreach and working with regional purchasers of care. In 1980, Mr. DeMarco became Executive Director of Clinicare Health Plan a startup health plan owned by physicians in Northern Illinois. He saw the company though its initial feasibility study, State and Federal licensure and enrollment of membership that led to a 100,000 member plan.

In 2001, with the creation of PHDC, Mr. DeMarco and PHDC have focused on health data analysis and management of complex infrastructures to support Physician Networks, Physician Hospital Organizations and Accountable Care Organizations. Mr. DeMarco is a past visiting instructor at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law and the DePaul University MBA program. His publications include the book, Physician Driven Health Plans (McGraw Hill, 2007), endorsed by Health Care Financial Management Association, and several books in the IPA management series from McGraw Hill on direct contracting, IPA strategy and Medicare Contracting. His most recent book, Performance Based Medicine, This book discusses the importance of performance metrics and building a high performance network owned by physicians. Mr. DeMarco holds an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science and Management Planning from Hamline University and received his Master’s in Organizational Development from DePaul University.