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eBook | December 2019 |

Teleheath and Remote Patient Monitoring: A Guide to Best Practices

As technology advances and the healthcare climate continues to evolve from volume to value, the use of telehealth to deliver quality care will become even more common place across the industry. Telehealth includes a wide range of modalities including remote patient monitoring, mobile health, and live video. These modalities can be used together, or as stand-alone solutions, to deliver care to a range of patient populations. The options are endless, and the results exciting and crucial. Telehealth has been proven to reduce readmission, decrease ED utilization, achieve cost avoidance and savings, all the while increasing patient satisfaction, outcomes, and health literacy.

This eBook will dive into topics ranging from provider and patient engagement and education, to best practices for virtual care, to clinical applications and product offerings.

  • Tips to Ensure Telehealth Patient Engagement
  • The Role of Electronic Medical Records in Telehealth
  • The Importance of Telehealth Governance and Executive Buy-In
  • A Guide to Virtual Visits
  • Changing Patient Education with Telehealth
  • Medical Call Centers and Telehealth Staffing
  • Telehealth Inventory Management
  • Virtual Care Across the Continuum with HRS

Teleheath and Remote Patient Monitoring: A Guide to Best Practices