WC365 Lead Generation Product Suite

WC365 represents our client's ultimate linking strategy to reach target prospects and customers. We maintain a powerhouse of executive titles with full contact information. Through hosting your content we help you to advance your product or service solutions. Let us help you maintain relevance, thought leadership and solutions prowess year round.

What makes World Congress’ WC365 Lead Generation Different?
In a word: Database

Whereas most Webinar of White Paper distribution platforms use an aggregated database of names and titles collected through disparate client work, WC365 is a database that represents the crown jewel of our executive conference business established over 15 years ago. We depend on the quality of this list and so should you. Real time market researchers make the difference. WC has a robust, dedicated marketing research team that spends each day talking to executive stakeholders in your markets. We update contact information and gather content around the industry greatest challenges and opportunities and are happy to share our insight. We bring all of this to your target universe.

How does it work?

We Listen.

Our Lead Generation Specialists work directly with your team on everything from understanding your objectives, target titles, target companies, strategic timing, budget and more.

We build a Plan.

We run the Webinar and/or issue your White Paper

We provide you with an Executive Report following the Webinar with full contact information of participants and their questions. Clicks and Opens, links to your website are included in your White Paper Program.

Contact us for more information:

Taylor Biggers