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Our Mission is to transform patient engagement, access, affordability, advocacy, and quality of health care.


Awesome, awesome, awesome! Fantastic speakers, thought provoking discussions and phenomenal content – by far the best conference I’ve been to in a long long time

–Director Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Excellence & Innovation, Merck

World Congress Summit on Patient Advocacy is a well-managed conference that assembles the movers and shakers in Patient Advocacy from a variety of advocate groups, biopharma and life sciences. Well done!

–Jack Whelan

The Summit always does a great job of covering the key issues Patients, Pharma and Advocacy are facing.

–Patient Advocate Foundation

Very interactive, high-level discussions and relevant agenda topics made this congress valuable time spent

–Director, Advocacy and Alliance Development, GSK

The summit did a great job of covering a broad spectrum of issues and examples that Pharma and Advocacy are facing. There could be benefit from tightening the topics to the top issues of interest across Pharma and advocacy to involve patients

Excellent topics- great meeting! This is my first meeting on Patient Advocacy/ Patient Engagement and it was absolutely inspiring and educational. It was important to learn about the full breadth, including policies and guidance of patient engagement. I also loved the size of the meeting- facilitated easy communication and networking.

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