FastFive – May 2017
Kevin Barosso
Vice President, Global Group Sales
Two Roads Hospitality

1. What was your favorite professional achievement of 2016?
Working with a team of outstanding hospitality professionals to bring two of the leading hotel companies in the independent lifestyle hotel space together in Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels. Having the opportunity to integrate these two companies and 5 brands under one umbrella was an incredible learning experience.

2. What story in our industry impacted you the most in 2016 and why?
I do not think I can point to one story that really impacted us on the hotel industry. Certainly all the news about foreign travel into the US can have a large impact on our industry.

3. Who was a mentor for you and what is a bit of their advice/instruction you often refer to?
I have had several mentors and some of the best advice I have gotten is as a leader make sure you take care of your people. This means "acknowledging the good achievements along the way, but do not shy away from the tough discussions as well. You owe it to your people to be honest with them always". "That is how you will earn their trust and trust is earned not given."

4. What are your top 3 favorite cities to visit and why?
Barcelona Spain – the people are amazing, the food, the culture, history of the city, and it's on the water.
Sydney Australia – the Bridge, the Opera House, The market at The Rocks, and it's on the water.
San Francisco – the many diverse cultures, the different neighborhoods, North Beach Pizza, and it's on the water.
See a theme here?

5. Tell us your stage name. It's the name of your first pet (first name) + the name of the first street you lived on (last name)
Kelly Schodack

About Kevin
Since Joining Destination Hotels in 1999 Kevin has held sales leadership positions at The Inverness Hotel, Terranea Resort and the national sales team. He currently serves as Vice President of Global Group Sales for Two Roads Hospitality the parent company for Destination Hotels, ALila Hotels and Resorts, Joie de Vivre Hotels, Thompson Hotels, and tommie hotels. He is inspired by a dedicated team of sales professionals who serve from their heart and are committed to creating exceptional meeting experiences for their customers. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Restaurant Hotel Management from Keuka College and a certificate of completion in Kitchen Production Management from Swiss Hotel Management School “Les Roches.” In addition, he completed the management training course at Walt Disney World’s Disney University. He calls Colorado home, but is a modern nomad and has traveled to all seven continents.