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2019 Topic Areas Include:

Drug Price Transparency Laws and Policies

Medicare and Medicaid Drug Pricing Models

Value-Based Pricing and Reimbursement

Multi-stakeholder initiatives for patient access

  • May 8th

    CMS announced a final rule that requires drug manufacturers to provide the list price for their products in direct-to-consumer ads.

  • June 14th

    A coalition of pharmaceutical companies sued HHS on the final ruling, arguing that advertising list prices is a violation of the first amendment and does not account for the differences among insurance plans.

  • July 8th

    A federal judge ruled listing drug prices in DTC ads are unlawful.

  • July 11th

    The Trump administration withdrew plans to eliminate drug price rebates.

  • July 23rd

    A key senate committee unveiled a long-awaited package of drug pricing reforms that would cap how much drug makers can raise their prices in Medicare. It would also cap out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare beneficiaries and dramatically reform the program's prescription drug benefit.

  • August 21st

    HHS appealed against the federal court's decision to block the HHS final rule that required manufacturer's to disclose product list prices within DTC ads.

  • On-going

    On Going- High drug prices will remain a centerpiece issue for politicians and Patients. Stay up to date with recent drug price transparency trends!

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