Patient Choice Awards - Award Categories

Excellence in Patient Engagement Award:

The winner of this award will be an innovative initiative designed to create innovative, scalable strategies to improve patient engagement and optimize medication adherence. The project will offer inter-disciplinary ways to co-create health solutions that engage and activate patients to be an active participant in their health management. The initiative may include but is not limited to a health literacy campaign, adherence intervention, digital platforms, framework, social support programs that will deliver tangible improvements in the patient experience.

Do you know of a pharma initiative that has demonstrated a strategy for co-creating health solutions, engaging patients, and assisting patient in their medication therapy management? Nominate them here!

Most influential Patient Advocacy Collaboration

The winner of this award will be a pharma-pharma collaboration or pharma collaboration with an advocacy group which significantly elevated the patient voice in critical decisions made throughout policy making decisions or changes externally, or through research and development processes internally, a collaboration that significantly impacts patient lives. This collaboration would clearly bring a mutually beneficial value proposition to both stakeholders and leverage the qualities of each partner involved to ensure patients are heard and empowered. This initiative would demonstrate meaningful ways to engage the patient voice, gather real-world understanding of the burden of disease, and incorporate these patient perspectives to ensure the patient voice is championed internally and heard externally. The partnership may span from working together to forge disease education, promote clinical trial awareness, change public policy initiatives to increase access to quality care, and ensure the patient perspective is always represented.

Do you know of a pharma organization that has established an innovative partnership to ensure the patient voice is championed internally and elevated throughout policy making or research and development? Nominate them here!

Most Valuable Patient Centric Clinical Trial Initiative

The winner of this award will be an innovative initiative designed to evolve the role and experience of patients in clinical trials. In traditional control trials, the study is focused on how the drug performs on a specific patient population within a structure of assessments, data and reporting. The individual that will win this award will show a clear understanding of how to make a clinical trial patient centric by focusing the study on how a patient is experiencing the medicine, and finding innovative ways to bring the clinical trial to the patient. The winner of this award would have created innovative solutions for engaging patients in clinical work, study design and start-up, research sites and throughout the research and development process.

Do you know of a pharma organization or individual that has created innovative solutions to engage patients and evolve their experience in clinical trials? Nominate them here!

Most Influential Patient Access Initiative Award:

The winner of this award will be a pharma company that has designed innovative solutions to promote patient access and support. The winning initiative will demonstrate a clear understanding of the patient journey, financial and access barriers, and provide comprehensive resources that allow patients and healthcare providers to navigate the access and reimbursement process. The initiative may provide patient assistance and reimbursement support services, copay and coverage solutions, design a Hub or program that helps patient understand their healthcare coverage.

Do you know of an individual or pharma organization who is leading the way in patient access? Nominate them here!

Patient Centricity Trendsetter Award:

This award will be given to an individual who has gone above and beyond to led internal initiatives that promote a patient centered culture and forge collaborations with key stakeholders to promote an enhance patient experience. This individual will show an advanced commitment to engaging patients and establishing valuable relationships within the healthcare landscape to make a difference in patient and caregiver’s lives.


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