Medical Travel Corporate Health-Risk Innovation Track

Because the US Health Care Markets do not operate as a free market, employers struggle to contain their health care costs. The buyer and seller of health care services rarely, if ever, know the price paid for medical services or pharmaceuticals. As the health care delivery model is changing rapidly and employers are taking greater control of their health care spend, there’s a significant education gap that exists. Building upon last year’s conference, ACHRM’s 2nd Annual Corporate Health-Risk Innovation Track will offer a series over two days and six cutting edge collaborative panel discussions to assist employers, providers, and their advisers with innovative methods to contain health care costs.

Collaborate with national thought leaders and innovative small and middle market-sized employers during our Six-Panel-Series which has been developed as a result of over 100 programs and 11 Executive Team/Strategic Initiatives involving over 1,000 CEO, CFO, COO, General Counsel, HR, Wellness, Facilities, Safety, Informatics, and other professionals who are responsible for managing health risks in their organization.

Our Six-Panel-Series will drill down on key topics, such as alternatives to the PPO model, the role of your CFO’s trusted advisers, benefits of partnering with health care providers, the financial and legal considerations of on-site and near-site clinics, and demystifying pharmacy benefit management.

Key Reasons to Attend / Takeaways:

  • Not all self-insurance methods are equal: Learn about the benefits and challenges of self-insuring with a major insurance carrier versus an independent, non-insurance carrier based Third Party Administrator
  • Learn how to optimize your self-funded strategy
  • What role should your CFO and his/her advisers play in developing and implementing health care cost containment strategies? What role should your accounting adviser play? Discuss critical issues from ACHRM’s Trump Administration Webinar series
  • Learn alternative strategies to the PPO model
  • Learn about the benefits of partnering with your health care provider and the direct-to-employer contracting process
  • Are you asking the right questions when optimizing your Rx strategy? Demystify Pharmacy Benefit Management

Distinguished Speakers