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For Health Plans

The 3rd Annual Oncology Management Summit—Health Plan Track will explore the use of value-based payments, pathways, and quality measures to manage costs in the delivery of cancer care. Over a year into the implementation of CMS’ Oncology Care Model, health plans and providers are gathering data on value-based payments and quality measures to see what’s effective in managing costs and delivering quality care in oncology. This summit helps payers evaluate the evolving value-based oncology landscape, understand their options for partnering with other organizations to utilize pathways and manage risk, and determine how to comply with CMS guidelines and provide quality care to their patients.

For Care Providers

The 3rd Annual Oncology Management Summit—Care Provider Track brings together hospital, health system, and cancer center leaders to share and expand knowledge as it pertains to care coordination in the oncology specialty. As the oncology field expands and evolves, care coordination on the inpatient and outpatient side has never been more vital to improving outcomes, reducing costs, and ensuring the best possible patient experience. Join us to develop new strategies to best serve patients achieve maximum efficiency in your system’s care pathways.

NEW FOR 2017:

  •   Develop a clinical culture that emphasizes holistic care management from initial diagnosis through discharge and survivorship
  •   Incorporate high-quality pathway recommendations into various care models
  •   Consider how payers are using the OCM to advance value-based care as a whole
  •   Share innovative models of oncology care and the reimbursement approaches being taken
  •   Discuss the ways payers and providers are coordinating case management efforts to keep oncology patients out of the emergency room
  •   Evaluate quality metrics and timely data that have a meaningful impact on patient care

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3rd Annual Oncology
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Speaker Interview

Aetna has teamed with partners all over the country to create oncology medical homes. This model of care focuses on the individual's entire cycle of care. Medical director Dr. Roger Brito says treatment programs are designed based on medical evidence for each unique disease population, narrowing on patient-specific factors.

Roger A. Brito, DO
Roger A. Brito, DO
National Medical Director, Oncology
Aetna Inc.

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