December 4, 2020 • 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way people think about their health, with many now looking for greater control and ease of access to routine testing, screening, and visits for all their health needs.

In our health care system, the path to care begins with a test. And that test is being done by a diagnostic industry that is in desperate need of modernization – not only to manage the pandemic, but to also keep up with changing consumer behavior which prioritizes access, convenience, low cost, and high-quality experience. Learn about one organization’s revolutionary approach to testing and screening. By not being locked into single technologies, supply chains, or regions, hear how they are able to eliminate barriers faced by traditional companies by utilizing an agile network of labs that can flex up and down based on fluctuating demand.

Join industry trailblazer and CEO of BioIQ, Sean Slovenski, in this webcast to learn more about how BioIQ revolutionized the diagnostic testing industry long before COVID-19. As a former Humana and Walmart Health exec, Sean has a history of jumping into big roles right before they crescendo into movements that disrupt industries.

  • Examine how the consumer is changing – and thus, how the diagnostic industry needs to adapt in order to stay relevant
  • Learn about the quickest, safest ways for employers to get back to business
  • Discuss how a data-powered understanding of consumer behavior enables health plans to close gaps in care for vulnerable populations
  • Gain insight, in a time of transformation, what’s on the horizon for the diagnostic testing industry’s role in preventive health care

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