April 28, 2021 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Data is only valuable when it can be used to create an actionable insight. But, what insights about your members’ needs are going to be most useful to your organization – from the care management team to the customer service team or others? And, what insights might be best to share with the members themselves to provide them more continuous support and help them become better stewards of their own health? In this panel, discuss how to uncover your members’ needs, find insights from data, and create actionable strategies to improve the health outcomes of your population.

  • Use analytics or digital tools to derive insights as to the impact of pandemic deferred care, and how to then use those insights to get members the education, tools, and resources needed to proactively address gaps or lapses in care
  • Uncover where the social determinants of health may be impacting your members’ health outcomes, and opportunities to provide support or referrals to services to address those needs
  • Identify other data sets, including integrated remote monitoring data, that have proven valuable for health plans and members to uncover insights that drive healthier outcomes
  • Learn about opportunities to collect and share real-time data and insights to arm your care teams with the tools and information they need to be able to respond and/or intervene
  • Identify the qualities of technology solutions (such as design, experience, etc.) necessary to help you gather the data and the insights you need from members
  • Create interoperability with other digital health tools and make sure your digital ecosystem is connected to provide a continuous, seamless experience for both the member and your internal teams

Webinar Speaker

Mohammad Jouni
Mohammad Jouni, MS
Chief Technology Officer
Ferris Taylor
Ferris Taylor

Executive Director
HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG)
Shawn Wang
Shawn Wang
Vice President, Enterprise Data Science
Photo Not Available
Sherri Zink
Senior Vice President, Chief Data Officer
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee