July 20, 2022 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

For health plans, improving the member experience and keeping members engaged are always challenging. To effectively attract and retain members, it is important for health plans to prioritize understanding what their members want and meeting them where they are.

By tailoring messaging, communications, and the overall digital health strategy, health plans can win their members’ trust, significantly increase satisfaction, and sustain engagement throughout the member journey.

In this webinar, hear perspectives on actionable strategies plans can implement to move toward a holistic, customer-centric approach to engagement by leveraging digital tools and technology, understand what works? and what doesn’t?, and learn about innovative ways to deliver better care to members at the right place and time while reducing costs.

  • Adopt a individualize digital engagement strategy to support members throughout their health care journey
  • Understand the importance of integrating clinical and social data to better understand and meet members’ needs
    • Discuss efforts to address health disparities
  • Gain insights into effectively utilizing advocates and care teams to enhance care coordination
  • Leverage technology to empower individuals including seniors to take a proactive approach on their health and well-being and influence healthy behaviors

Webinar Speakers

Mohammad Jouni
Mohammad Jouni, MS
Chief Technology Officer
Ferris Taylor
Ferris Taylor
Executive Director
HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG)


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