February 8, 2021 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

There are various forms of patient support programs across the industry. The services being offered by manufacturers can range from clinical to financial, and can take the shape of a hub or copay support program. In this webinar, attendees will hear about the evidence supporting the benefits of integrated hub and copay programs.  On the way, there will be digressions and discussions about medical errors, interoperability, and our industry’s biases about what a “patient” journey really means.

  • Understand the forces driving the industry toward more integrated programs – as well as the countervailing ones
  • Examine the role that “curating the patient experience” has in the patient journey
  • See evidence as to whether integrated programs actually work better than two separate programs

Webinar Speakers

Paul Levine
Paul Levine
Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Data and Analytics