June 11, 2020 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Strategies to Keep Patients Healthy and At Home Before a Potential Surge
In an effort to keep people healthy, lessen the potential risk of exposure to other patients and staff, decrease the impact of a surge on the health system’s ED, and financial impact through cost-avoidance, Essentia Health developed and implemented its “Covid Aware Care” program. Learn the details of its preventative outreach and care management plan to keep patients healthy and at home before a surge occurs.

  • Examine the CDC criteria used to identify patients at highest-risk for COVID-19, including age, chronic conditions, and comorbidities
  • Stratify patients based on risk to create a target group for high touch care management
  • Discuss the process, staffing, and infrastructure necessary to provide that target group education and resources for virtual visits and remote monitoring
  • Integrate behavioral health screenings, social needs assessments, advance care planning, medication reconciliation and more into the care management plan
  • Envision a new care model, post CV-19, to better manage chronic conditions and more efficiently deliver care at home

Webinar Speakers

Debbie Welle-Powell
Debbie Welle-Powell
Chief Population Health Officer
Essentia Health


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