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Not surprisingly, most of the country has shifted to a “work from home” dynamic in recent weeks, and the State of Maine is no exception. Currently, over 90% of State of Maine employees are now working remotely which consequently has led to changes in overall workflow and delivery of resources. Learn how the State of Maine Office of Employee Health and Benefits, and MCD Public Health are utilizing their existing partnership to provide customized wellness initiatives for State of Maine employees and how those offerings have been revised and enhanced in lieu of recent events.

  • Learn about the State of Maine population and diverse departments that are served by wellness initiatives
  • Review the State of Maine’s current wellness program and see how they have adapted their current wellness offerings and health benefits to meet the needs of employees
  • Review new, no-cost offerings for employees, and how these initiatives were implemented quickly per employee request
  • Discuss the benefits of customized wellness resources and the roles of an individualized Health and Wellness Navigator and Wellness Ambassador Network

Webinar Speakers

Erica Brown
Erica Brown
Health and Wellness Navigator
MCD Public Health
Shonna Poulin Gutierrez
Shonna Poulin Gutierrez
Wellness Coordinator, Office of Employee Health Benefits
State of Maine


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