June 30, 2020 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

To support the delivery of essential dental treatment during the pandemic, teledentistry has emerged as an important resource to help patients address oral health needs. While most dental offices throughout the country were only allowing in-person visits for emergency dental services, the need for an interim solution became clear. What was previously considered a trending niche innovation in dental care has now become a critical delivery model for dental carriers, dentists, employers, and patients. 

Fortunately, companies like Dominion National and Capital BlueCross have been working on teledentistry solutions with the goal of increasing access to dental care, reducing the fear factor, improving customer satisfaction and retention, and reducing costs for all participants. In this webinar,

  • Analyze the rise in teledentistry during a pandemic
  • Examine dental carriers’ strategies for expanded coverage
    • Learn about dentists’ operating status and cost impacts
  • Discover the correlation between dental care and overall health and well-being
  • Assess key findings on outcomes, costs, and member satisfaction from Dominion’s teledentistry pilot program
    • Understand the value of preventive dental care and how offering dental yields positive results for health plans and employers
  • Explore the need to improve the work stream for members/patients to engage with dentists and maximize each in-person dental visit

This webinar is co-hosted by World Congress and Validation Institute.

Webinar Speakers

Chris Davis
Chris Davis
Vice President, Ancillary Services
Capital BlueCross
Mike Davis
Mike Davis
President and Chief Operating Officer
Dominion National
Jeff Schwab
Jeff Schwab
Vice President, Marketing
Dominion National

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