Webinar Presenters

Sohail Malik Sohail Malik
Vice President, Healthcare Solutions

Sohail is Vice President, Healthcare solutions with Messagepoint, overseeing the Messagepoint Healthcare solutions to ensure they support the complex and ever-changing needs of Health plans to scale & grow to meet the market needs.

Sohail has over 15+ years’ experience in Customer Communications Management and SaaS/Cloud-based digital transformation of highly regulated industries. Sohail has worked with some of the largest National Healthcare organizations, Blues and smaller community plans to bring digitalization and process automation for client communications and helped them scale & grow their business.

Samuel Kloeckl Samuel Kloeckl
Director, Healthcare Solutions

Samuel is Director, Healthcare Solutions at Messagepoint, where he oversees the client process to build, proof and test documents within the Messagepoint platform, specific to mandated CMS communications such as EOCs and ANOCs.

Before joining Messagepoint he was an Automated Materials Implementation Manager at United Healthcare, where he was responsible for implementing new solutions, products and processes for Medicaid and Medicare clients across the country.