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The adoption of teleheath has quickly ramped up in the midst of the pandemic. Behavioral health providers’ ability to implement telebehavioral health services must move just as quickly. Continuity (and the potential increased needs) of services for behavioral health disorders, including depression, anxiety and much more, as well as addiction treatment, support, and recovery for SUD and OUD is top of mind for behavioral health professionals across the country. Hear how one system was able to provide a full offering of behavioral health services for their patients virtually, and got it implemented and running within a week.

  • Hear how one system operationalized telecounseling, video-therapy, video-medical visits, and is in the process of operationalizing tele-group within a week for more than 5,000 patients to “manage an epidemic in the midst of a pandemic”
  • Discuss the past, current, and potential future state of common barriers to telebehavioral health implementation, including:
    • Regulatory
    • Payment
    • Resources and technology to deliver care
    • Patient demand
    • System culture, training, and processes
  • Outline considerations to determine the technology or platforms necessary for short- and long-term telebehavioral health program goals
  • Weigh the pros and cons of care delivery through a virtual format
  • Determine metrics useful to measure to continue, grow, and scale a telebehavioral health program “after” Covid19

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