March 24, 2020 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

The March 24 Part II webinar will go into greater detail and cover the steps needed by governments and businesses leaders to use data and technology to regain and maintain the public trust, reduce fear, and get the pandemic under control as quickly as possible.  The goal is to lay the groundwork to get back to normal in an orderly and trusted process based on technology producing data that can be depersonalized and shared with the public to maintain that trust.

Part II will also focus more on solutions for the hospitality, travel, entertainment, sports and similar industries and how to move the entire economy in the direction of normal. 

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Below is a summary take away statement from the March 17 webinar: We invite suggestions for other points to add:

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Download Your Complimentary Toolkit for Using Data and Technology to Best Identify, Track and Validate Key Best Practices to Reduce Covid-19 Transmission

Source: New York Times

Webinar Speakers

Tomas Pueyo
Tomas Pueyo
Vice President of Growth
Course Hero
Al Lewis
Al Lewis, JD
Tommy Yionoulis
Tommy Yionoulis

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