FastFive - December 2018


1) How many languages were represented at the largest meeting that you have taken part in?
In terms of number of languages, we interpreted between nine languages during the Select USA Summit in 2017, which included the presence of POTUS and the Secretary of State, heads of the largest companies in the world (including Google), accompanied by their top executives and government representatives. Security at this event was very tight!!! In terms of number of receivers, we organized the English into Arabic interpretation services during a training program for Arabic-speaking teachers in the United Arab Emirates. We sent and distributed six thousand receivers for that training program. As you can imagine, going through customs took a long time.

2) What are your top 3 favorite cities to visit and why?
In the USA - When we provide interpretation services, our techs and staff love Orlando for its flexibility and affordability, the facilities are responsive to our needs, the loading docks are ample and easy to reach (when the techs have to load and unload the interpretation gear), and prices are affordable. Then, in terms of the experience, San Francisco offers so much... so once the event is winding down, it is great to go explore and also for its world-class food scene. And, in terms of meeting famous personalities during events, probably DC for politicians, and NY and LA for movie stars and famous artists.

3) What is your proudest career achievement to date?
When we opened our 10th city in the US!! In 2007, with the drop in the economy, our company made a big move to pay off all of its debt and to move part of its equipment out of our main warehouse in Atlanta and place it closer to where our clients hold their meetings: We started with Orlando, then LA, then Las Vegas, then Dallas, then NYC...Today, we are in a healthy and nimble position to serve our clients as a local company from any of our 10 locations in the US.

4) Which social media platform is most effective for you and why?
All of the major platforms allow us to showcase our services and equipment, and occasionally we get referrals from social media. LinkedIn is also a great source of business for us. But, incredibly enough, our most effective marketing strategy is word of mouth! One meeting planner refers us to a hotel, which refers us to another planner, and so on.

5) What is your upcoming New Year's resolution?
Two main resolutions:
1) Continue to develop and perfect our Distance Interpretation Platform
2) To update our website!!