FastFive – December 2018

Pat Shaumann
Nate Horne
Senior Client Executive, USA East

Bonus Question: What is the significance behind SongDivision’s motto “the science of music’?
Music is scientifically proved to release chemicals in the brain, like Oxytocin, that help create social bonds between individuals and help people access their pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that we use for creativity, empathy and strategy. By using music as an engagement tool we are able to place people in a productive, connected mindset when they are together at a conference. From there, all of the key objectives and messaging can be delivered in a fun and resonant package. Organizations are spending so much time and money to bring their teams together, so let’s get them off their phones, communicating, collaborating and engaged!

1. What is your proudest career achievement to date?
Having been with SongDivision now for 8 years, I’m super proud to work alongside some of the most generous, talented and innovative minds in the corporate event world. That may sound a bit over the top, but I am constantly awed by how passionate and selfless my colleagues are in helping our clients to achieve their goals. I’ve been inspired by them daily and consider myself truly lucky!

2. What strategies do you use for dealing with event stress?
Stress? What stress? Seriously though, meditation has been working for me. Although talking about meditation is like dancing about architecture…

3. How do you keep up with trends in the industry and what are the trends to watch for in 2019 and 2020?
We are a part of many industry associations and attend conferences, talks, tradeshows and networking events year round. It’s our job to be in the know, familiar with the new ideas, influencers and trends in the corporate event space and incorporate some of this into our event designs.

4. Which social media platform is most effective for you and why?
As an organization, social media is an effective tool for us. However, with the daily barrage of messaging that comes at us left and right, social media use, and constant mobile phone notifications, humans have naturally sought a way to filter all of this information. Our filter is pretty simple - 'does this information affect my life in a significant way?' - and we only allow the most important messages to reach us at a deep level. This deeper level is where motivation and accountability live, and where companies strive to reach their employees. To get there, companies need to get in touch with why they exist and energize their workforce with this message. SongDivision plays a pivotal role in this process and can help companies not only realize their purpose, but also communicate it to their teams and empower their employees at a much deeper level.

5. Where is your favorite location for a meeting?
Although we work globally, in 35 countries so far, I love working in locales with some sort of musical history…whether it’s the obvious ones like Nashville, Austin and Seattle or possibly lesser known ones like Minneapolis and Atlanta, it’s interesting to see how often music has shaped the destination. Music is pervasive in modern society so it’s not hard to find traces of this reflected in the local history, whether its jazz, blues, hip-hop, rock, or indigenous Native American music, there is a story there to be told. That excites me!