FastFive - December 2018

Jim Cohn
Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine

1) What is the most interesting question you have received in the "Ask Jim" portal?
There have been a few from a planner wanting to feel like they were totally immersed in Italy from greeting to the finish, but were wanting a buyout of a restaurant in Philadelphia, to a resort wanting four events that could be interactive for all planners attending and making them memorable without making it a sales mission. We help everyone.

2) What has been your favorite destination to attend meetings?
Destinations have varied from Quebec City, Canada for the great variety of cuisines to Atlantic City, NJ and their vibe and cuisine as well and the resorts in the Pocono Mountains, PA for the ease and great comfort.

3) What are some of the top trends in the industry for 2019?
I think a range of creative culinary team building events, with additions of wines, is and will always be a new trend; Having an experience at an event that will last longer than the event; More think tank, round table, conversation-styled meetings are going to be trending. This engages more people; Planners producing tapas styled DineArounds for groups gives attendees a chance to experience an area and more mingling happens amongst the guests, facilitating engagement and relationship building!

4) What social media platform is most effective for you and why?
I would say LinkedIn as it is the most business oriented social media platform. Marketing people though must start listening to specific audience segments and how they want to be engaged. We are also surveying planners and they are getting inundated with social media/digital.

5) Who are companies to watch in 2019?
Companies that are in front of their clients one-on-one and attend events consistently are the ones to watch. No matter what part of the event or hospitality industry, these companies are always looking out for what is important to their client. In-Sight...In-Mind. .