FastFive – November 2017
Jennifer Wester
Global Director, Hyatt Sales Force, Americas

1. What advice would you give your younger self?
Over the years, I’ve learned from my mentor that the world is not as black and white as I’d like it to be. Sometimes you have to take chances and not look back. I wish I would have had that courage when I first started out!

2. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Zoning out at the gym with my Beats a blastin’!! And usually some ice cream following the gym session… I earned it! :)

3. What does your current “just get it done” playlist look like?
Everything from Country Music to Gangster Rap! My music tastes are seriously diverse!! I love it all and can’t get enough!

4. What’s your favorite city and why?
Way too hard to decide! I feel so blessed that my career has allowed me to see SO many places, and I seriously would love to take all the little things I love from each of the places I’ve visited and combine them into one… my utopia!!