FastFive – July 2017
Michael Varlotta
Director of Marketing, Medical Education and Engagement
Janssen Biotech, Inc.

1. What story in our industry impacted you the most in 2016 and why?
I believe there were numerous stories in 2016 which had impact. While no one had direct impact, I believe it was the aggregate which impacts all of us in the industry. This included stories on the following: continued focus on transparency with the HCPs, there remains concerns and industry focus on compliance and industry will need to continue mitigate risk. These topics along with others will need addressed to maintain or gain back consumer confidence in the industry.

2. What advice would you give your younger self?
Always be true to yourself and don't sell yourself short. Think big and recognize you have no limits.

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
9:00pm cookies and milk

4. What does your current “just get it done” playlist look like?
The list is divided. I maintain a list of home to do's and work. I learned a long time ago to make list and I have mine is readily available. One tick is to always have something on your list that you have completed and you cross it off. It is amazing how motivating this can be.

5. What’s your favorite city and why?
I was born and raised in small town USA, Altoona PA. It will always be home and my favorite, followed closely by Pittsburgh, were I became an adult, got married, had children, bought a home, and really started my career. While I been to many other cities, there is no place like home.

About Michael
Michael’s career in Bio Pharm spans for over 20 years in Bio Pharm and the last 10 in Medical education as part of Medical Affairs and Marketing. Currently, Michael position oversees all Peer to Peer interaction. His efforts are now focused on Speaker Programs, KOL Development and Ad Boards. In this role, he harmonized policies and procedures for the pharma and has also developed a streamline process and state of the art system for, advisory boards and speaker bureaus while increasing both internal and external customer satisfaction with the process. Prior to his role in medical education he was in marketing and sales as well as worked clinically as a registered vascular technologist. Michael has also presented at numerous industry meetings as an expert on medical education.