FastFive – August 2017
Marlize Eckert, HMCC
Compliance Officer
GCO (Global Conference Organisers) B.V.

1. What story in our industry impacted you the most in 2016 and why?
From an European perspective, I would say Brexit and the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved in 2016 and coming into force in May 2018. These 2 topics are of a great impact not only to the Pharma industry but to all sectors.

2. What's your guilty pleasure?
Pasta, pasta, pasta and as originally coming from the South of Brazil, a Brazilian BBQ is an irresistible temptation.

3. What do you like to do on your free time?
Spend time with my husband and son. Go for a ride with our bikes through the flat countryside of Holland, have some friends over and enjoy a nice dinner together. When it is time for holidays, our favorite destination is going back to the family in Brazil.

4. What's your favorite book?
I do not have any specific favorite book, however I like the books from Timothy Keller.

About Marlize

Marlize Eckert is the Compliance Officer at GCO (Global Conference Organisers) B.V. based in The Netherlands. GCO is a professional meetings and events organiser within the life sciences industry, successfully operating with a global footprint for over 25 years.

Marlize manages the Compliance department focusing on pharmaceutical compliance requirements and mandatory reports related to meetings and events within the Pharma industry such as Open Payments and EFPIA Disclosure reports.

Marlize has previously held an office manager and compliance related position at Samsung Corporation, a sales related position at Xerox Corporation and a project coordinator position at a non-profit organization travelling worldwide promoting education by supplying vital literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training young people and providing needed relief.

Marlize earned a bachelor degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil, has a Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certification (HMCC) and a European Healthcare Compliance Certification (HCCP) by Seton Hall Law University.