Walmart's Second Opinion: How a Retail Giant is Bringing Cost Transparency and Better Quality to Healthcare

As steadily rising healthcare costs have increased financial pressure on employers, one company has started fighting back: Walmart. Driven by Sam Walton’s vision of providing high quality at low cost in every way, Walmart began by offering its employees the opportunity to have high cost procedures evaluated, and performed, if deemed necessary, at a limited number of top-notch medical centers. The point of the Centers of Excellence program was to be sure the procedures were actually the best choice for the patients, and if they were indeed needed, they would be carried out at a facility with optimal outcomes. Since then, Walmart has made many other bold steps, including their $4 prescriptions, their primary care clinics, and more. Today, Walmart is at the forefront of driving healthcare costs down for patients. A primary care visit to a Walmart Care Clinic costs as little as $20 for cash-paying customers, while visits for employees on qualifying insurance plans cost as little as $4. 

This Executive Briefing will highlight and review the many steps Walmart has taken to offer greater value in healthcare to its customers and employees.

Source(s): Authors Bruce Japsen and Malorye Allison Branca

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