How Health Insurance is Using Artificial Intelligence

Member experiences in the insurance industry are generally highly interactive. There are multiple customer communication channels and member touchpoints. Members are seeking immediate answers to their questions, either through self-service options or easy connection with a person depending on their individual needs.

The same applies to health insurance. But, compared with other industries like hospitality and retail, the healthcare industry is notoriously slow to adopt digital solutions that enhance communication with patients. The health insurance industry is facing a turning point as consumer demand now requires health plans to think differently. When members engage with their health insurance provider, it’s often during a crisis or health care concern, which creates increased urgency around their demands for immediate information and answers, day or night.

This guide explains how health plans can easily adopt AI to elevate customer satisfaction and reduce operating expenses. By enabling customer self-service and automating predictable customer touchpoints, health plan employees can focus their time on more complex activities to meet their members’ increasing demands.

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