Innovating the Delivery of Patient Support: Branded Patient Support programs for Today’s Health Consumer

There is no question that COVID-19 transformed how we collectively delivered care in 2020. Global venture capital funding for digital health companies in the first nine months of 2020, alone, was a record-breaking $10.3 billion with top-funded categories of telemedicine, data analytics and mHealth apps.1 While data show that the adoption of electronic prior authorizations and other eService technologies correlates with decreases in time to therapy and overall increases in medication adherence, the application of this technology is happening largely “behind the scenes” — invisible to the patient.

However, the rapid acceleration of digital health technologies over the past 12-24 months presents new opportunities for pharmaceutical patient support programs to leverage technology in ways that are transformative to the patient experience. We have identified several considerations and capabilities that are foundational to pharma-sponsored patient support in the era of healthcare consumerism.

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