White Paper Broadcast Program

Our Objective

World Congress recognizes that it isn't always easy to miss an entire day or two from the office to attend a conference. Our objective is to provide a valuable and convenient alternative to face-to-face meetings that offers the fresh ideas, innovative business strategies and unique insights needed to overcome today's challenges and further your business goals.

World Congress puts forward unique content and contacts that are unmatched by any other conference and event organizer in the industry. Whether you are a senior executive, a newcomer looking to break into an industry, or a company looking to make lasting connections, we create communities that are unmatched in the field.

Why Promote your White Paper to the World Congress community?

We keep our finger firmly on the pulse of rapidly evolving issues and World Congress White Paper thought leadership downloads provide a perpetual forum for topics central to business leaders, aligned with conference communities for specific events.

Presented by recognized thought leaders who understand your day to day business decisions in volatile market conditions, our white Papers can be accessed right from your office – at your desk, a conference room, or your Smartphone. Downloading best practices, case studies, or research White Papers are unique and convenient opportunities to obtain information on how your colleagues are working through the latest industry activity.

White Paper Lead Generation Program:

Webinar Opportunities White Papers are targeted and cost effective ways to identify potential clients interested in your expertise and solutions. This Lead Generation tool is an ideal way to position your company as an industry leader and to discuss current issues, new technologies and new products. White Papers can also serve to announce research study results and customer success stories. By sharing your specific documents with decision makers evaluating actionable strategies now, enable reaching a worldwide audience at a specific time or on demand 24 x 7. All that is needed is a computer and connection to the Internet to view your thought leadership.

White Paper Benefits:

Supply a compelling document sharing a client case study, specific data research, an advertorial, or even a press release. Complete turnkey program includes promoting the white paper and capturing the leads for follow up.

  • A series of 3 email broadcasts to your target audience promoting your white paper, with your corporate logo and a link to your web site. White Paper promotion on the World Congress web site with your corporate logo and link back to your white paper on the World Congress web site.
  • World Congress provides clients the contact information of all visitors who download the white paper.
  • White paper is hosted on the World Congress web site for the full duration of the client's campaign.
  • 468 x 60 Banner with a link to your website for the duration of the client's campaign on www.worldcongress.com.

To inquire about white paper sponsorship opportunities, contact:

David Capobianco
Business Development Manager
Phone: 781-939-2635
Email: David.Capobianco@worldcongress.com