Why Field Reps Are Key to HCP and Patient Satisfaction

As you read in this white paper, program awareness is a key ingredient of a successful patient support program. Field reps are often the face of the program, as they discuss support offerings and explain high-level processes during their visits with treating healthcare providers (HCP). According to Nuvera Life Science Consulting’s recent surveys of more than 1,400 oncology and neurology MDs and their support staffs, field reps rank as the most influential channel driving support program awareness.

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Nuvera Life Science Consulting helps the world’s leading and up-and-coming pharmaceutical and biotech companies deliver impactful patient and HCP support experiences for specialty and rare-disease therapies. Nuvera excels at uncovering patient/HCP needs and crafting and helping to execute seamless treatment experiences that enhance patients’ ability to obtain, start, and stay on therapies. Nuvera launched The PURE Report in 2019 to evaluate and provide independent industry benchmark of HCP satisfaction, utilization, and evolving needs across patient support programs.

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