Clinical Burnout and the Impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions

Reported burnout levels have been increasing for years, and concern around the wellbeing and sustainability of healthcare staff during peak times of need have come to the forefront as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The experience of stress, trauma, and mental health crises within the current healthcare delivery system requires a change that can no longer be ignored or delayed.

Healthcare leaders, policy makers, and payers, must come together to support a more manageable and navigable healthcare infrastructure that removes barriers to care, equips healthcare staff with tools to do their job, and builds new approaches to deliver integrated, high-quality care.  The issue and costs of burnout cannot be resolved by one single solution, but rather a combination of enabling technology and processes. This new resource from NeuroFlow and PCDC showcases steps forward for organizations looking to curb the costs associated with clinical burnout.

About NeuroFlow
NeuroFlow is a digital health company combining workflow automation, consumer engagement solutions, and applied AI to promote behavioral health integration in all care settings. NeuroFlow’s suite of HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools simplify remote patient monitoring, enable risk stratification, and facilitate collaborative care. With NeuroFlow, health care organizations can finally bridge the gap between mental and physical health in order to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care.