The Evolution of Virtual Critical Care and Remote Monitoring in a Post-Pandemic Era

Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC) and Intel, in partnership with World Congress, recently convened a panel featuring world-renowned institutions to talk about the evolution of virtual critical care and remote monitoring as we move into a post-pandemic environment. The pandemic highlighted opportunities for greater efficiencies in health care and drove the evolution and acceleration of both in-patient and out-patient virtual care.

Leaders from Houston Methodist, Johns Hopkins Health System, and Texas Children’s Hospitals joined MIC’s Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Emma Fauss to share ways they leveraged technology, including MIC’s FDA-cleared Sickbay platform, to help manage the many challenges during and after the pandemic.  The panelists also identified lessons learned and best practices for remote monitoring, virtual ICUs, and virtual rounding from both the clinical and technical perspective, described plans for expanding technologies across service lines, and modifying policies and procedures to ensure long-term sustainability of programs. The panel also included a perspective from CMS to give insight into changes in telehealth policy as a result of the Public Health Emergency and recommendations for how health systems can work with the agency to make many of the flexibilities allowed over the past year permanent

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