Behind the Scenes of One of the Largest Remote Patient Monitoring Implementations and Evaluations in the U.S: Clinical, Staffing, and Claims ROI Analyses

eBook | June 2022

Midwest Health* System serves patients in hospitals across Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and provides care nation-wide through innovative solutions such as Midwest Virtual, one of the first enterprise-wide telehealth services in the United States, and hosts one of the largest Epic EHR instances in the U.S.

Despite being a leader in virtual care, Midwest Health faced the same challenges as health systems, IDNs, and physician groups across the country, including staffing difficulties, reduced revenue from elective procedures, and value-based care accountability. Mirroring a trend across U.S healthcare, Midwest Health aggressively grew value-based contracts year over year. Midwest Health needed to improve outcomes and reduce costs across the enterprise to succeed.

Fact Sheet: Satisfaction and Scalability During the Nurse Staffing Crisis: A National Survey of Care Managers & Executives Using Deviceless RPM

eBook | June 2022

Care management teams face an unprecedented trifecta of challenges: staffing shortages and workforce attrition, growing panel sizes requiring long-term outpatient support, and new financial pressures on value-based delivery models.

In a national survey of large payers and providers using Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring®, clinicians, managers, and organizational leadership responded.

Fertility Benefits: The Key to Driving Employee Diversity

eBook | April 2022

Most American companies have created Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) programs, but actually achieving these targets can be a big challenge for them. Studies show that organizations that offer fertility benefits have a much higher chance of attracting and retaining a wide range of employees, including women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

5 Medicare Advantage Plan Materials Concerns & How to Fix Them

eBook | January 2022

We interviewed product leads at Healthcare insurers to learn about their top pains in management Medicare Advantage plan materials. This eBook explains how professionals in the field can cope with these issues, scale their services and better serve their customers in a compliance-heavy industry.

Top 20 Questions to Ask when Vetting a Document Management Solution for Medicare Plan Materials

eBook | January 2022

Medicare Advantage Organizations employ a wide variety of approaches and solutions for managing their plan materials. While some still heavily rely on manual processes and Microsoft Word or third-party service providers, most are recognizing the substantial benefits that can be gained by using a solution that is purpose-built for these complex communications.

Not all solutions to manage Medicare plan materials are created equal. This eBook explores the top 20 questions to ask when evaluating a solution for managing your Medicare Advantage plan materials

Health Plans, Engage! Why Payers That Prioritize Member Monitoring, Engagement, and Care Coordination will Lead in 2022

eBook | January 2022

Health plans are facing 3 member engagement changes: Reduced access to care, high-risk only programs do not reach enough members, members expect convenient engagement options.

At the beginning of the pandemic, health plans scrambled to quickly create member engagement programs but saw subpar results. As the pandemic continues and changes to healthcare become normalized, members’ expectations have changed — their satisfaction is directly tied to whether the health plan is making it easier or harder for them to access the care they need remotely. Now health plans are purposefully building robust, convenient member engagement programs that address chronic and behavioral health conditions to support “whole-patient health.”

Learn 3 major changes that payer organizations are facing from the pandemic and 3 strategies for overcoming them and creating long-term success.

How Healthcare is Using AI to Automate Customer Experiences

eBook | January 2022

Consumerism was on the rise prior to the pandemic as we looked for ways to make our daily interactions more convenient and efficient in a tumultuous time. We quickly adjusted our lives in response to COVID-19, amplifying this consumerism trend. Customer expectations changed, and COVID-19 forced companies of all kinds to innovate at an accelerated rate to make experiences as self-service and user-friendly as possible. Seemingly overnight, real time communication, digital interactions and tracking of everything from retail purchases to pizzas became the norm. Now, consumerism has taken over every facet of our lives, regardless of our generation. It is the rule rather than the exception.

During this time, the healthcare industry made rapid strides to innovate in response to changed market conditions and member and patient needs and expectations. Regardless of what happens next in our “new normal”, this evolution needs to continue, and center more and more around implementing experience automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase member and patient satisfaction, relieve staff burden and power more self-service.

Solutions for the Member Journey

eBook | December 2021

Health plans today are faced with the challenge of achieving outcomes as directed by numerous regulatory agencies. These outcomes are based on measures for quality, performance and member experience that influence the health plan Star rating. Currently, the emphasis is on the total member experience, a measure that was not a focal point in previous years. As such, the pressure is on health plans to create and deliver an optimal customer experience at every point in the member journey.

In this whitepaper, learn about the challenges health plans face and the solutions for each touchpoint in the member journey.

Connect Your Members to Lower-Cost Drug Alternatives, Increase Adherence and Stars

eBook | October 2021

The customer experience, medication adherence and CAHPS surveys are just a few important measures impacting a health plan’s Star ratings.

Finding the right holistic approach to improving health plan performance and the quality of care delivered to beneficiaries requires a concentrated effort, including the right digital tools. Via this whitepaper, learn how ConnectureDRX’s DatabaseRX can elevate Star Ratings by increasing one of the most critical performance criteria – medication management and adherence.

Risk Mitigation for Pharma Manufacturer Programs

eBook | September 2021

The host of threats to the integrity of co-pay assistance programs has grown increasingly more diverse over time. The combination of government, legal, and regulatory provisions affecting how manufacturer programs can be operated, along with market activity and the advent of ill-intentioned bad actors, has created a risk environment around co-pay assistance that requires a holistic and multi-faceted approach to safeguarding program integrity and ensuring compliance.

The Evolution of Virtual Critical Care and Remote Monitoring in a Post-Pandemic Era

eBook | July 2021

Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC) and Intel, in partnership with World Congress, recently convened a panel featuring world-renowned institutions to talk about the evolution of virtual critical care and remote monitoring as we move into a post-pandemic environment. The pandemic highlighted opportunities for greater efficiencies in health care and drove the evolution and acceleration of both in-patient and out-patient virtual care.

The Insider Guide To Maximizing Your Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue and Outcomes

eBook | June 2021

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is revolutionizing the way in which modern healthcare is provided. With demand on health systems soaring there is a need to manage patients and provide services in new ways that help reduce costs and improve outcomes, across all aspects of the care continuum.

Addressing a Major Gap in the Virtual Care Landscape:
Creating a Remote Patient Monitoring Program that Supports Behavioral Health and Social Determinants of Health

eBook | May 2021

The pandemic has both exacerbated and brought to light the urgent need to support patients facing behavioral health and social determinants needs. While virtual care solutions such as remote patient monitoring have been deployed to support patients with physical health conditions, such as diabetes and heart failure, there is no solution that collects qualitative data to support mental health and social determinants.

Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies Post-COVID-19: The Benefits of Virtual Engagement

eBook | May 2021

In less than a week, in the face of a pandemic, the pharmaceutical sales model changed forever. In-person healthcare provider (HCP) visits came to a screeching halt and brand marketers scrambled to find ways to educate and engage these providers remotely. While the pandemic may have taken us by surprise, we should acknowledge that, even before the pandemic, pharmaceutical sales teams faced significant challenges.

One solution for these challenges is to engage HCPs—virtually.

Expand Your Virtual Care Potential With Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

eBook | May 2021

In a recent survey, 88% of population health executives planned to add remote patient monitoring as a key component of their virtual care strategy. Yet, not all RPM is created equally. From patient copays to WiFi requirements, there are many barriers to patients engaging with the technology.

Clinical Burnout and the Impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions

eBook | April 2021

Reported burnout levels have been increasing for years, and concern around the wellbeing and sustainability of healthcare staff during peak times of need have come to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic. The experience of stress, trauma, and mental health crises within the current healthcare delivery system requires a change that can no longer be ignored or delayed

Innovating the Delivery of Patient Support: Branded Patient Support programs for Today’s Health Consumer

eBook | March 2021

There is no question that COVID-19 transformed how we collectively delivered care in 2020. Global venture capital funding for digital health companies in the first nine months of 2020, alone, was a record-breaking $10.3 billion with top-funded categories of telemedicine, data analytics and mHealth apps.

New Paths in Predictive Payer Coverage: Insights drawing from historical metrics that optimize pre- and post-commercialization marketing efforts for new therapies

eBook | February 2021

Before going to market with a new drug, medical device or test, it’s crucial to know how payers will treat it post-approval.

2021 Working Americans' State of Stress Report

eBook | January 2021

Today's workers are consumed by stress, but many employers don't provide assistance. What can you do to reduce the burden on workers and boost organizational efficiency?

2021 Outlook: Five Themes That Will Define Co-Pay Assistance

eBook | January 2021

As the pharmaceutical industry turns the calendar to 2021, co-pay assistance faces a handful of significant considerations that will define how successful manufacturer programs are in the year ahead.

Providers Plan a Post-Pandemic Future With Remote Patient Monitoring

eBook | January 2021

Learn the 5 Strategies to Scale Outcomes and ROI to Rising-Risk Populations During and After the Pandemic

How Esse Health Created a Virtual Care Strategy that Scales by Leveraging Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

eBook | January 2021

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, many provider organizations are pursuing telehealth and remote patient monitoring to engage patients in the home and support chronic condition management. Yet, high-tech, device-based remote patient monitoring can be difficult to scale due to high cost and limited accessibility

Addressing Today’s Need for Effective Digital Healthcare Communications

eBook | November 2020

Now more than ever, your members and patients are struggling to find the answers and support they need. This eBook will show you how to leverage individualized, frictionless mobile experiences to drive powerful engagement, education and adoption of digital resources like telehealth.

Specialty Medications Interactive Data Report

eBook | November 2020

Surescripts surveyed specialty pharmacists and prescribers to answer: What stands between patients and their specialty medications? Explore this interactive site to see what they shared about stress and rework, missing information, calls and paperwork, prior authorizations, and more.

The Paycheck Benefit Employees Want

eBook | September 2020

Sometimes payday doesn't come soon enough. When your employees need money to get by, you can offer them financial security with Tapcheck's financial wellness benefit.

Why Field Reps Are Key to HCP and Patient Satisfaction

eBook | August 2020

As you read in this white paper, program awareness is a key ingredient of a successful patient support program. Field reps are often the face of the program, as they discuss support offerings and explain high-level processes during their visits with treating healthcare providers (HCP). According to Nuvera Life Science Consulting’s recent surveys of more than 1,400 oncology and neurology MDs and their support staffs, field reps rank as the most influential channel driving support program awareness.

How Healthy Are Your Market Access Programs? A guide to performing check-ups on pharmaceutical distribution and patient access programs

eBook | August 2020

Pharmaceutical manufacturers invest countless resources to develop product distribution and patient access programs to maximize product success. But eventually most programs will experience service disruptions, face unforeseen challenges, and receive negative feedback from stakeholders.

Why does that happen?

Just as patients are encouraged to get annual check-ups to assess their overall health even when they're feeling fine, manufacturers should assess the health of their market access programs to be proactive in managing potential operational, strategic, and budgetary issues.

Leveraging Virtual Engagement to Further HCP Access and Drive Brand Reach

eBook | August 2020

When 2020’s global pandemic heightened pharma’s need for virtual reps, pharma technology and marketing companies scrambled to unveil programs. TrialCard’s fully operational virtual engagement program is five years strong and counting, with a proven success rate. These services, which serve as a complement to a pharma brand’s field sales force, deliver measurable results in brand reach, lead generation and share of growth.

Walmart's Second Opinion: How a Retail Giant is Bringing Cost Transparency and Better Quality to Healthcare

eBook | August 2020

As steadily rising healthcare costs have increased financial pressure on employers, one company has started fighting back: Walmart. Driven by Sam Walton’s vision of providing high quality at low cost in every way, Walmart began by offering its employees the opportunity to have high cost procedures evaluated, and performed, if deemed necessary, at a limited number of top-notch medical centers. The point of the Centers of Excellence program was to be sure the procedures were actually the best choice for the patients, and if they were indeed needed, they would be carried out at a facility with optimal outcomes. Since then, Walmart has made many other bold steps, including their $4 prescriptions, their primary care clinics, and more. Today, Walmart is at the forefront of driving healthcare costs down for patients. A primary care visit to a Walmart Care Clinic costs as little as $20 for cash-paying customers, while visits for employees on qualifying insurance plans cost as little as $4.

Filling the Jar: A Pandemic of Problems, Unprecedented Progress and the Missing Piece that Can Finally Make Us Whole

eBook | July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic will be a portal to a tech-enabled healthcare future, a watershed moment for the industry that will lead to unprecedented transformation. The current momentum to integrate virtual and remote care requires continued commitments to payment reform and interoperability, among other priorities. But there’s one missing piece that will play a critical role as we embrace the new normal. Solving for it will make all the difference.

Case Study:
How one hospital took its supply chain to the next level with QSight and saved $1M

Case Study | July 2020

Managing a hospital’s and even a department’s supplies is challenging for many. And those challenges are often compounded by the reliance on manual processes and old fashioned technologies like spreadsheets to record and track inventories of product. The results are predictable; over ordering of supplies resulting in high costs and manual processes that take time away from patient care. But one hospital found a better solution. Download this case study and discover how Rush University Medical Center used Owens & Minor’s QSight, the industry leading, cloud based inventory solution, to transform their supply chain and take it to the next level.

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