How to Keep Your Team Engaged & Loyal

eBook | September 2020

It must be said that those companies that survived the economic shutdown instigated by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic deserve many accolades. Week after week brought new reports of businesses of every sort permanently shutting down their operations. Now,as the strictures of the pandemic are easing and companies are doing their best to get back up to pre-pandemic operating levels, new challenges are emerging.

Why Field Reps Are Key to HCP and Patient Satisfaction

eBook | August 2020

As you read in this white paper, program awareness is a key ingredient of a successful patient support program. Field reps are often the face of the program, as they discuss support offerings and explain high-level processes during their visits with treating healthcare providers (HCP). According to Nuvera Life Science Consulting’s recent surveys of more than 1,400 oncology and neurology MDs and their support staffs, field reps rank as the most influential channel driving support program awareness.

How Healthy Are Your Market Access Programs? A guide to performing check-ups on pharmaceutical distribution and patient access programs

eBook | August 2020

Pharmaceutical manufacturers invest countless resources to develop product distribution and patient access programs to maximize product success. But eventually most programs will experience service disruptions, face unforeseen challenges, and receive negative feedback from stakeholders.

Why does that happen?

Just as patients are encouraged to get annual check-ups to assess their overall health even when they're feeling fine, manufacturers should assess the health of their market access programs to be proactive in managing potential operational, strategic, and budgetary issues.

Leveraging Virtual Engagement to Further HCP Access and Drive Brand Reach

eBook | August 2020

When 2020’s global pandemic heightened pharma’s need for virtual reps, pharma technology and marketing companies scrambled to unveil programs. TrialCard’s fully operational virtual engagement program is five years strong and counting, with a proven success rate. These services, which serve as a complement to a pharma brand’s field sales force, deliver measurable results in brand reach, lead generation and share of growth.

Walmart's Second Opinion: How a Retail Giant is Bringing Cost Transparency and Better Quality to Healthcare

eBook | August 2020

As steadily rising healthcare costs have increased financial pressure on employers, one company has started fighting back: Walmart. Driven by Sam Walton’s vision of providing high quality at low cost in every way, Walmart began by offering its employees the opportunity to have high cost procedures evaluated, and performed, if deemed necessary, at a limited number of top-notch medical centers. The point of the Centers of Excellence program was to be sure the procedures were actually the best choice for the patients, and if they were indeed needed, they would be carried out at a facility with optimal outcomes. Since then, Walmart has made many other bold steps, including their $4 prescriptions, their primary care clinics, and more. Today, Walmart is at the forefront of driving healthcare costs down for patients. A primary care visit to a Walmart Care Clinic costs as little as $20 for cash-paying customers, while visits for employees on qualifying insurance plans cost as little as $4.

Filling the Jar: A Pandemic of Problems, Unprecedented Progress and the Missing Piece that Can Finally Make Us Whole

eBook | July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic will be a portal to a tech-enabled healthcare future, a watershed moment for the industry that will lead to unprecedented transformation. The current momentum to integrate virtual and remote care requires continued commitments to payment reform and interoperability, among other priorities. But there’s one missing piece that will play a critical role as we embrace the new normal. Solving for it will make all the difference.

Case Study:
How one hospital took its supply chain to the next level with QSight and saved $1M

Case Study | July 2020

Managing a hospital’s and even a department’s supplies is challenging for many. And those challenges are often compounded by the reliance on manual processes and old fashioned technologies like spreadsheets to record and track inventories of product. The results are predictable; over ordering of supplies resulting in high costs and manual processes that take time away from patient care. But one hospital found a better solution. Download this case study and discover how Rush University Medical Center used Owens & Minor’s QSight, the industry leading, cloud based inventory solution, to transform their supply chain and take it to the next level.

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