The Insider Guide To Maximizing Your Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue and Outcomes

As a virtual extension of any health system RPM makes providing medical care easier and more convenient than has ever been possible before. Monitoring technologies that provide accurate, real-time data, alongside patient self-reporting and remote consultations mean that services, traditionally only available via in-person visits, can now be easily administered remotely 24/7.

A successfully implemented RPM program offers healthcare providers a significant range of financial and clinical advantages, allowing them to transition from reactive, and costly, methods, of service provision, to cheaper, proactive models of care. These are not only much more efficient but at the same time economically advantageous as well. RPM platforms deliver better medical outcomes through doctor-patient engagement and prevention-based care2. The value of having an RPM system in place is fully showcased once you understand insurance billing codes and how much revenue your practice could earn by implementing it.

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