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1. SourceLink - 2020 AEP PROSPECT MODELING

(1 January 2020 - )

For 2020 AEP, SourceLink worked with several Medicare clients on direct mail and digital campaigns to boost enrollment. The SourceLink approach was using predictive modeling to identify the top potential member prospects most likely to respond and enroll. With only roughly 68 days to actively market to prospective eligible Medicare members, Medicare companies must use marketing dollars wisely.


2. SourceLink - 2020 AEP Digital Engagement

(1 January 2020 - )

Our client is a national healthcare provider that operates in seven states. As a newer player in the Medicare Advantage space, they were looking to increase brand awareness and significantly exceed 2019 lead and new member goals. With a new Annual Election Period (AEP) around the corner, increased brand awareness was even more paramount.


3. Carrot MarketView

(1 January 2020 - )

MarketView™ Growth provides unique micro-segments customized for your service area, enabling better prioritization and targeting. With MarketView Growth, you can utilize consumer data, market and competitive intelligence, and advanced analytics to optimize new member acquisition and retention for your health plan.


4. Carrot Health - 2020 AEP Performance Report

(1 January 2020 - )

2020 marked a watershed year for Medicare Advantage. In the drive for higher Annual Election Period (AEP) numbers, health plans competed in more markets with a greater array of plan types, cost structures and supplemental benefit offerings.

Carrot Health’s 2020 AEP Performance Report captures overall trends in AEP growth and the specific features that distinguished winning from losing plans. In particular, 2020 PBPs offered lower costs, more flexibility in doctor choice, and specific supplemental benefits like meal plans and transportation.

To compete effectively with the large national plans, regional plans must be highly strategic and targeted in plan design and marketing while addressing member needs for improved health outcomes and better care experience.



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