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1. Study Confirms Sustained Positive Impact of Interactive Patient Engagement Solution

(11 February 2019 - Sonifi Health)

"SONIFI Health revealed new results from a study of HCAHPS scores showing positive, sustained benefits correlated with the company’s patient engagement and education technology. While a previous study showed a significant impact one-year post implementation, the updated five-year findings show improvements continuing to improve in the key patient satisfaction domains measured." more»

2. Digital Whiteboard Solution Delivers Hospitals Measurable Benefits According to New SONIFI Health Study

(5 February 2019 - Sonifi Health)

"SONIFI Health released a study today documenting the overwhelming effectiveness of its digital whiteboard solution in an acute care setting. The cohort study conducted at a 100-bed hospital in Texas found that integrations with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and key hospital systems have transformed the digital whiteboard from being a marker-free novelty to a true workhorse solution. Far-reaching patient and staff benefits, and a positive return on investment in the first year, make this new technology a strong contender for healthcare leaders seeking high impact solutions available for immediate implementation." more»

3. Study Reveals SONIFI Health Patient Engagement Platform Contributes to Reduced Hospital Length of Stay

(7 May 2011 - SONIFI HEALTH)

"SONIFI Health released a study with the Duquesne University School of Nursing which found that when a patient engagement platform is paired with staff workflows, the completion of required education assignments can be expedited and materially reduce a patient’s hospital length of stay." more»