1. Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

(7 November 2019 - Prevue Meetings + Incentives)

Here are five tips on leadership and moving up the corporate ladder from pharmaceutical event planner-turned-entrepreneur Maggie Butler.” Maggie will be speaking in 2020 at our 8th Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit on professional development strategies and how to move up the corporate ladder.

2. Make Medical Meetings Work, with Graphic Facilitation from ImageThink

(1 March 2019 - )

It goes without saying that healthcare is a wildly complex industry.For every step that treatment or therapy development goes through, there’s a litany of hurdles from scientific, legal, and ethical perspectives. It’s enough to make simply organizing a medical meetingcan feel like a daunting task(let alone running one).But what if we told you it doesn’t have to?

3. FastFive with Jim Cohn

(16 January 2019 - World Congress)

4. FastFive with Donald J. Schmid

(16 January 2019 - World Congress)

5. Content Matters — Why Meeting Planners are Choosing These Canadian Destinations for their Life Sciences Events.

(9 January 2019 - World Congress)

6. Business Events Canada

(8 January 2019 - World Congress)

7. FastFive with uniVerse

(19 December 2018 - World Congress)

8. FastFive with Frank Leonard

(19 December 2018 - World Congress)

9. FastFive with Michael Shannon

(19 December 2018 - World Congress)

A Fast Five with one of our esteemed speakers, Michael Shannon, Director at Business Events Canada! Here about his great achievements and how he believes managing a balance in technology is crucial to bringing true and real value to the buy and sell process.

10. Down to Basics: The 3 SMM Essentials

(10 December 2018 - )

Watch an interview with a medical meetings speaker, Shimon Avish, as he discusses what three essentials are needed to create a truly successful meetings management program.

11. FastFive with UCB’s Anna Kershaw

(4 December 2018 - World Congress)

As UCB senior sourcing specialist of North America’s meeting strategy lead, Anna Kershaw, talks about the most inventive meeting she’s been to and how she copes with stress in the compliance industry.

12. SongDivision’s Nate Horne

(4 December 2018 - World Congress)

Nate Horne, senior client executive, usa east at SongDivision shares his insight into how music makes a difference in the event industry. Hear him discuss the science of music and how he has stayed up to date on industry trends.

13. Maritz Travel’s Pat Schaumann

(4 December 2018 - World Congress)

Pat Schaumann, Senior Director, HCP Compliance at Maritz Travel discusses her favorite event experiences and the highlights of her career in Compliance.

14. The Benefits of Integrating Travel & Meetings Management

(15 November 2018 - BTN)

With a rise in the number of companies that are combining the management of travel and meetings, it is important to know the benefits and differences when integrating these roles. Should you combine them? Global Pharmaceuticals and Medical Meetings moderator, Shimon Avish, addresses best practices in cross-utilization of travel and meetings in Business Travel News in his article "The Benefits of Integrating Travel & Meetings Management". Read more to learn how to improve process efficiencies and how he used these practices to lower costs by about 10%!


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