8:15 am
  • Shift internal culture to move from being product-centered to patient-centered
  • Analyze the key components to patient-focused leadership
  • Explore ways to use a patient engagement strategy to optimize the patient experience and improve health outcomes
  • Define patient engagement and what it means for your organization
  • Understand how to make the case for patient engagement to gain executive buy-in


Michele Rhee
Michele Rhee, MBA, MPH
Vice President, Patient Affairs, Advocacy


Camilla Lauritzen
Camilla Lauritzen
Chief Patient Officer
Leo Pharma

9:00 am
  • Explore best practices to ensure patients have access to therapies through assistance programs, copay cards, and coupons
  • Examine the impact of benefit verification, prior authorization, and copay assistance to ensure an effective patient access strategy
  • Ensure access to necessary medications through cross stakeholder collaboration
Timothy Paine
Timothy Paine
Vice President, Pharma Strategy and Relations
Fairview Specialty Pharmacy

10:15 am
  • Gain insight to update reimbursement strategies, ensure better patient access, and optimize patient outcomes
  • Enhance patient adherence efforts and leverage adherence metrics for value-based arrangements
  • Align and achieve incentives that improve care coordination and drive a better patient experience
Harvey Littman
Harvey Littman
Senior Vice President, CFO and Treasurer
Capital Blue Cross

11:00 am
  • Gain insight into the real-life struggles of patients and caregivers
  • Explore best practices when implementing patient support services
  • Understand how to build interventions that improve adherence, foster advocacy collaborations, and advance market access


Dina Marie Inverso
Dina Marie Inverso
Director, US Commercial Operations, Reimbursement, Patient Engagement
CSL Behring


Terry Jo V. Bichell
Terry Jo V. Bichell, PhD, MPH
Rare Action Network
Ambassador for Tennessee,
NORD; Angelman Syndrome
Parent Advocate

Emily Lemiska
Emily Lemiska
Director, Communications
U.S. Pain Foundation

Marla Jan Wexler
Marla Jan Wexler, BSN, RN, CPN
Nurse, Patient,
Advocate, Survivor

11:45 am


1:15 pm
Timothy E. Hermes
Timothy E. Hermes
Vice President Market Access
Aurinia Pharamceuticals

1:30 pm
  • Discuss top trends in enforcement and learnings from recent settlements pertaining to patient assistance and copay programs
  • Ensure compliance to anti-kickback statutes to safeguard copay assistance operations
Garineh Dovletian
Garineh Dovletian
Vice President, Legal
Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.)

2:15 pm
  • Explore the impact of copay accumulators on patients’ out of pocket costs
  • Analyze the current landscape of copay accumulator and maximizer models
  • Examine the gross-to-net impact of accumulators
  • Understand current patient access challenges and consequences of cost-shifting pharmacy benefits
  • Discuss state legal challenges to accumulator programs
  • Gain insight into the future of copay accumulators and maximizers
3:00 pm
  • Explore ways to address affordability challenges and provide patient services as part of your program approach
  • Conduct a competitive analysis to design program benefits that differentiate your brand in the market
  • Implement performance metrics to ensure ROI on your copay programs
  • Explore alternative copay strategies to address market changes
David Kowalsky
David Kowalsky
Director, Patient Access
Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals

4:15 pm
  • Explore how the design of free drug programs may differ per therapeutic area and patient population
  • Assess the gaps and opportunities within the OIG guidance around patient assistance and free drug programs
  • Streamline patient service solutions to manage patient access strategies
5:00 pm
  • Avoid interruptions in speed to therapy by designing support solutions for uninsured and underinsured patients
  • Help patients gain a holistic view of their coverage and benefits to overcome barriers to access
  • Leverage patient advocacy to address the financial and educational barriers to adherence
Colette Flack
Colette Flack
Senior Director, Patient Support Services