8:30 am
8:45 am
  • Examine the intersections between hub-provided prior authorization support, coverage investigations, and copay support
  • Design a patient service solution that helps patients’ access financial assistance programs and copay support
  • Leverage hubs to complete benefits investigations, review formulary requirements, explore copay assistance offerings, and identify prior authorizations or step therapy requirements
  • Discuss emerging hub models
Joseph Eggler
Joseph Eggler
Senior Director, Patient and Provider Services
Frensenius Kabi

9:30 am
  • Understand how to do an analysis of risk exposure for copay programs dependent on the product profile
  • Examine the evolving regulatory landscape and gross-to-net changes to ensure product effectiveness and a thorough risk mitigation strategy
  • Design an internal risk detection strategy to safeguard against risk factors
Allison Stewart
Allison Stewart
Associate Director, Access and Patient Services

10:45 am
  • Understand how copays and rebates impact on drug pricing strategies and patient out-of-pocket costs
  • Unpack the latest proposals, recommendations, and regulations around pricing and affordability of drugs
  • Gain insight in the role copays play in current drug pricing conversations
Rob Philo
Rob Philo
Vice President, Market Access
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals

11:30 am
  • Explore strategies used by the advocacy function to increase education, engagement, and awareness of patient groups when developing new therapies
  • Understand the needs of the patient community, going beyond the pill, to ensure access to quality health care and personal needs
  • Share successes to overcome barriers to patient access and affordability
12:15 pm
  • Evaluate the importance of medicines in achieving the Triple Aim goals
  • Identify barriers to adherence and evaluate successful interventions that can be achieved by different stakeholder groups
  • Analyze points for stakeholder collaboration around adherence initiatives that impact cost, quality, and outcomes
  • Assess the patient journey and the opportunities to influence patient behavior across the continuum of care
Rodrigo Cerda
Rodrigo Cerda
Vice President, Clinical Care Transformation
Independence Blue Cross

Steven Peskin
Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP
Executive Medical Director, Population Health
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey