8:30 am
8:45 am
  • Help navigate copays and prior authorizations to ensure patients have access to their medications
  • Understand how to develop support strategies for patients experiencing co-occurring diseases and disorders
  • Understand barriers and drivers of medication adherence for people using specialty drugs or complex medication regimens
  • Partner with specialty pharmacies to provide patient support for treatment regimens
9:30 am
  • Determine how to choose the right technology partner to launch pilot digital innovation projects
  • Discover how to leverage artificial intelligence and automation to gain insights into the patient journey
  • Develop business incubators to determine a digital innovation and patient adherence strategy
  • Explore examples of digital health and patient engagement initiatives that have made a difference
10:45 am
  • Learn how to use a health-literate approach to create effective communication strategies
  • Engage patients as partners to promote health literacy and engagement
  • Deploy patient support interventions that improve care coordination and patient education
Sarah Krug
Sarah Krug
Chief Executive Officer
Cancer 101

11:30 am
  • Explore strategies used by the advocacy function to increase education, engagement, and awareness of patient groups when developing new therapies
  • Understand the needs of the patient community, going beyond the pill, to ensure access to quality health care and personal needs
  • Share successes to overcome barriers to patient access and affordability
12:15 pm
  • Evaluate the importance of medicines in achieving the Triple Aim goals
  • Identify barriers to adherence and evaluate successful interventions that can be achieved by different stakeholder groups
  • Analyze points for stakeholder collaboration around adherence initiatives that impact cost, quality, and outcomes
  • Assess the patient journey and the opportunities to influence patient behavior across the continuum of care
Rodrigo Cerda
Rodrigo Cerda
Vice President, Clinical Care Transformation
Independence Blue Cross

Steven Peskin
Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP
Executive Medical Director, Population Health
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey