7:45 am
8:30 am

Choose and communicating with independent 501(c)(3) foundations who address patient need while maintaining compliance with relevant guidance and regulation.

  • Develop strategies to properly screen independent charity organizations
  • Establish compliant communication protocols
  • Explore policy solutions that can enhance access to treatment
  • Learn strategies to minimize your organization’s risk of regulatory scrutiny
Alan Wood
Alan Wood
Executive Vice President, Business Development and Operations
Patient Advocate Foundation

9:15 am

Traditionally manufacturers do not have a glimpse of the activities at a pharmacy level. However, when copay cards are applied, information about the patient can be collected. In this session, discuss ways to identify abnormal activities at the pharmacy level and the tools that are available in order to improve transparency between stakeholders.

  • Pharmacy 101: Understand the pharmacy perspective on what happens on the front line behind the pharmacist terminal
  • Discuss surveillance programs and methods to increase transparency between pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies
Gerard Rivera
Gerard Rivera, Pharm D
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Pharmacy Group

10:30 am

As drug pricing continues to remain in the news headlines, manufacturers need to develop a plan to communicate the pricing process, educate patients on the purpose of the list price, and ensure price transparency. Discuss key considerations when creating a communications plan around product price and access to ensure your organization can confidently stand behind price changes and best describe patient access initiatives.

  • Ensure compliance to communications guidelines
  • Maintain drug price transparency governance
Analise Johnian
Analise Johnian
Corporate Counsel

11:15 am

In an effort to reduce high patient out-of-pocket costs, lawmakers have increased restrictions on the incorporation of copay accumulators and maximizers into the health plans’ benefit design. Manufacturers will need to incorporate the impact of copays on the overall cost (including the list price) of specialty drugs within drug pricing strategies.

  • Understand how copays and rebates affect the drug pricing strategy and patient out-of-pocket costs
  • Explore the impact of copay accumulators on health benefit design
  • Gain insight in the role copays play in current drug pricing conversations
Anna Chorniy
Anna Chorniy, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Buehler Center for Health Policy & Economics, Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University

Analise Johnian
Analise Johnian
Corporate Counsel

Matt Portch
Matt Portch
Vice President, Sales and Market Access