8:15 am
Suzette DiMascio
Suzette DiMascio
President, Chief Executive Officer
CSI Specialty Group

8:45 am

Health care stakeholders are in the midst of radical change, with a shift to value-based care and an increase in stakeholder consolidations and acquisitions. Larger commercial entities continue to form with the increased acquisitions of specialty pharmacies and hub service providers by PBMs, health plans, and wholesalers. In this session, explore specialty pharmacy and distribution trends reshaping the industry. As part of this cross-stakeholder discussion, explore how each stakeholder views the current landscape and uncover strategies to work together to improve the patient journey.

  • Examine payers’ growing influence on patient support services and network designs
  • Explore opportunities to advance cross-stakeholder collaborations to deliver better patient care
  • Explore innovative distribution models to design an effective channel strategy
Cheryl Allen
Cheryl Allen, Rph, BSPharm, MBA
Vice President Industry Relations

Jeff Henderson
Jeff Henderson
Vice President, Head of Market Access and Government Affairs

Stephen Perkins
Stephen Perkins, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Commercial and Medicare Services
UPMC Health Plan

9:30 am

Recent anti-kickback investigations of several drug companies include a focus on their patient assistance programs, co-payment cards, drug pricing, and charitable donations. As a result, teams are reviewing compliance guidelines, processes throughout the product lifecycle, and overall strategy of their programs to safeguard against potential risks. Hear from senior legal and compliance officers on how to appropriately structure your patient service compliance program and internal operations to provide patient support.

  • Enhance cross-functional compliance integration to ensure product launch success
  • Examine all aspects of a patient service program to mitigate risk and ensure compliance
  • Customize patient support service compliance strategies for rare and orphan disease populations


L. Stephan Vincze
L. Stephan Vincze, JD, LLM, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Trestle Compliance


Matthew Holley
Matthew Holley
General Counsel
Pharming Healthcare Inc.

Jennifer McGee
Jennifer McGee
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Chris Primiano
Chris Primiano
Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer, General Counsel
Karyopharm Therapeutics

10:45 am

It is imperative to understand the patient experience in order to leverage a patient-centric approach within patient support service design and channel operations. Hear firsthand experiences patients’ with specialty therapy management, specialty pharmacy visits, encounters with patient support services and access assistance, as well as key concerns regarding data sharing and compliance.

  • Explore best practices when implementing patient support services that enhance the patient experience with education, adherence, and access
  • Identify a successful channel strategy that optimizes the patient experience and ensures access to therapies in a timely manner
  • Examine key concerns around data sharing to ensure patient services compliance and mitigate internal risk
  • Discover how patients are using digital to engage with patient groups, pharmaceutical organizations, and pharmacies to enhance services
John Linnell
John Linnell
COPD Patient and Patient

11:30 am

Plan sponsors have shifted pharmacy benefit designs to implement more co-pay accumulators and maximizers. The challenges that arise include high out-of-pocket costs for patients, high list prices for specialized therapies, and hidden rebates retained by plan sponsors. How can manufacturers limit the use of accumulators and maximizers and ensure patients with serious conditions receive the medications they need at an affordable cost? Implement key channel strategies to ensure patient access to specialty therapies.

  • Analyze the current landscape of co-pay accumulator and maximizer models
  • Examine the gross-to-net impact of accumulators
  • Discuss current patient access challenges and consequences of cost-shifting pharmacy benefits
  • Discuss state and legal challenges to accumulator programs
  • Gain insight into the future of co-pay accumulators and maximizers
12:15 pm
1:45 pm

Manufacturers are leveraging medication adherence, patient assistance programs, and patient support services to increase care coordination along the patient journey from diagnosis through treatment. Explore best practices to engage patients while providing measurable outcomes for therapeutic services.

  • Customize patient support services for rare disease patient populations
  • Explore multiple avenues for engaging patients in support services and design
  • Monitor KPIs around patient services to ensure success in product portfolio
  • Leverage patient education materials to improve health literacy
Elizabeth Pinto
Elizabeth Pinto
Senior Director, Patient Services
Acadia Pharma

Desiree Priestley
Desiree Priestley
Director, Patient Support, Strategy and Insights

Meghan Hover Szczech
Meghan Hover Szczech
Director, Patient Services, Value and Access
Ipsen Pharma

2:30 pm

As the oncology market continues to evolve and options increase, the importance of delivering an excellent patient experience becomes more critical. How do manufacturers assess and understand the growing challenges in patient support from customer pressure, changing expectations, and increasing investment? It is critical to start with an annual full assessment that provides a better understanding on perceptions of your program and how it ranks among competitors. Hear syndicated research that takes a look at the needs and perceptions of patient service programs and highlights the need for a renewed focus on on-going and annual assessments.

Edward Gajewski
Edward Gajewski

Jens Kulstand
Jens Kulstand

3:45 pm

It is important to choose a hub service that is able to deliver the desired patient service within channel operations. Understand how to align hub and channel strategy to minimize duplication and streamline patient access.

  • Learn which hub best fits within your network and how to measure the effectiveness of your hub service
  • Understand the intricacies of a hub selection and patient services to enhance patient adherence

Speaker TBD

4:30 pm

Nurse Educator programs are put in place to help patients along their treatment journey. With an increasing demand for Nurse Educators, manufacturers must explore strategies to launch a successful nurse educator program.

  • Leverage nurse educator programs to improve patient adherence and engagement
  • Define field services teams, from nurses, educator, and sales reps to determine utilization and training of teams and ensure compliance
  • Discuss best practices in top priorities of field service teams and how to compliantly implement field service teams
Tara Herington
Tara Herington
Vice President
Cardinal Health Sonexus™

Jeffrey M. Schumm
Jeffrey M. Schumm
Assistant General Counsel, Compliance Director, and Privacy Officer
Cardinal Health SonexusTM Access & Patient Support