* Webcast will only take place on Day Two, Tuesday, June 5th

12:00 pm

There is a 15 minute coffee and networking break from 2:15 pm – 2:30 pm

This case-based MasterClass explores the challenges of management, including resistance to change and lack of trust as root causes for why initiatives fail. Discuss the power of connecting people with purpose and other critical success factors that transform professionals into more effective leaders, who in turn distinguish their organizations as industry frontrunners. A unique highlight of the workshop is a case discussion, “The Bridge”, which illustrates lessons about launching, leading, and realizing value from change initiatives with implications for addressing SDoH-affected populations.

  • Explore how to remove barriers and overcome engagement issues in a format that challenges participants’ decision-making process in moving from a current to a future desired state
  • Discuss how to leverage a strong sense of purpose in leadership to help your organization and team overcome unanticipated obstacles as well as cultural and social barriers
  • Create a higher-performing organization with a unique competitive advantage
MasterClass Leader:
David A. Shore
David A. Shore, PhD
Faculty, Harvard University; Former Associate Dean
Harvard University School of Public Health
Distinguished Professor of Innovation and Change
Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (China)

*Please note — The Workshop will not be webcast

4:30 pm
Caroline Fichtenberg
Summit Facilitator
Caroline Fichtenberg, PhD

Managing Director, SIREN (Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network) Center for Health and Community
University of California San Francisco

4:35 pm
  • Break down silos and engage city government, clinics, CBOs, medical and nursing schools, and private industry in patient-centered chronic disease care
    • Envision new roles and responsibilities to reframe care delivery
    • Build capacity and share measurement practices
  • Discuss challenges in implementing a digital health infrastructure to support secure data sharing and analytic insights for providers and patients
    • Assess system limitations and discuss likely solutions
  • Develop a complete understanding of individual patient needs and preferences and offer a range of tools to ensure consumer engagement
  • Hear non-traditional partners share perspective on empowering consumers and creating value in a new health infrastructure
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Leader, Public Health and US Elections
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Mark Mynhier
Mark Mynhier
Principal, Health Industries Strategy Group; General Manager, DoubleJump™ Interchange

Lynda Chin
Lynda Chin, MD
Professor of Medicine, Dell Medical School UT Austin; Executive Director, REDI Platform, The University of Texas System

* Please note – Welcome and the Opening Keynote Panel Discussion will not be webcast.

* Webcast will only take place on Day Two, Tuesday, June 5th