8:30 am
Glenn Pomerantz
Glenn Pomerantz, MD, JD
Senior Vice President, Health Services
Gateway Health Plan

8:45 am

Gain insight into what HHS is pursuing across health care to empower patients and providers, deliver better health outcomes, and protect and enhance the health and well-being of the American people.

Will Brady
Will Brady
Chief of Staff to the Deputy and Senior Advisor to the Secretary
Department of Health and Human Services

9:30 am

Effective interventions that address social determinants of health must be developed through collaboration, scalable to extend reach and improve efficiency, and built with a strategy for sustainable funding. Discuss Medicaid as an innovator, and how plans, providers, states, and community organizations must be working in sync to effectively improve overall health and well-being of members.

  • Review the types of innovative programs, models, and collaborations that are being rewarded with investment
  • Overcome barriers to building a nonmedical benefit supplier network, and the challenges to scale operations
  • Enhance collaboration between stakeholders by developing shared goals and aligning incentives
Manik Bhat
Manik Bhat
Chief Executive Officer

Caraline Coats
Caraline Coats
Vice President, Bold Goal and Population Health Strategy

Karin VanZant
Karin VanZant
Vice President, Integrated Community Partnerships

Lynda Zeller
Lynda Zeller
Senior Fellow and Program Officer, Behavioral Health
Michigan Health Endowment Fund

10:45 am

In a value-based world, delivering quality, cost-efficient care relies on provider buy-in, accuracy of data and reporting, and accountability across stakeholders from the state to local level to deliver value while managing costs. Hear what states are looking for in terms of quality in managed care, the type of measures that are being reported, and what all stakeholders need to be doing to support the quality mission.

  • Understand how different states work with provider networks to bring them on board and integrate services
  • See how alignment of quality measures can leverage practices to work with payers to improve quality
  • Discuss rate setting methods and payment models that align with quality of care
  • Learn what tools are being used to collect and aggregate data at the local level
Jonathan Barley
Jonathan Barley, PhD
Bureau Chief, Health Innovation and Quality
Ohio Department of Medicaid

Parul Mistry
Parul Mistry, MD, MA
Senior Vice President, Medical Excellence and Clinical Solutions
AmeriHealth Caritas


Eva Powell
Eva Powell, MSW
Associate Director, Clinical Innovation
Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP)

11:45 am

With the wide diversity of Medicaid programs and populations, each state has different measures of value. From waivers that span block grants, to expansion, to work requirements, there is much to learn about what is actually making a positive impact on beneficiaries. Learn how states are defining value and hear what types of programs are prime to evolve and be translated to other states and populations.

  • Gain insight into what states are looking for from their MCOs and how they are using data to measure quality and outcomes and tying that to value
  • Discuss how infrastructure may be changing to improve efficiencies and provide more services
  • Hear how Medicaid programs look at innovation and new service delivery approaches
  • Consider what we can learn from expansion states and what they are doing to make a positive impact on beneficiaries
Elizabeth Hinton
Elizabeth Hinton
Senior Policy Analyst
Kaiser Family Foundation

Mike Nardone
Mike Nardone
Former Director, Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group
Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Strategic Advisor, Medicaid Health Policy and Long Term Services and Supports

Dave Richard
Dave Richard
Deputy Secretary, Division of Health Benefits
North Carolina Medicaid

12:45 pm
2:00 pm

Medicaid plans know that having conversations with high-risk and high-need members as much as possible is a cornerstone of effective managed care. But there are limits to how many members care managers, case workers, and member service staff can effectively engage, so their focus will always be on the members that need them the most. But what happens when a plan scales that conversational approach to the entire population, leveraging text messaging and automation to connect unengaged members with services and support? Learn how Trusted Health Plan deployed an innovative texting strategy and used lessons learned and a focus on innovation to improve the solution over time.

  • Hear what makes text and conversational AI so successful with Medicaid populations
  • Discuss actionable solutions to help members take control of their care to improve redetermination rates and close gaps in care
  • Assess the impact of text messaging interventions on population health, and how they can help drive the connection of members to appropriate services
Brendan McClure
Brendan McClure
Vice President, Marketing
mPulse Mobile

Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas
Corporate Director, Special Projects and Facilities Management
Trusted Health Plan

2:45 pm

Having systems that talk to each other is a critical step in using Medicaid data and public health information to improve care. Hear what we are getting out of our systems and where improvements can be made, especially with regard to opioid management, prescription drug monitoring programs, state immunization registries, and more.

  • Discuss how states and plans are working together to integrate data on enrollment, outcomes, and value
  • Utilize data to build better outreach and engagement opportunities, and more effectively use resources
  • Assess how AI and analytics can be used to predict risk and impact decisions around policy and practice
Connor Norwood
Connor Norwood, PhD, MHA
Chief Data Officer, Division of Strategy and Technology
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

Thomas Novak
Thomas Novak
Medicaid Interoperability Lead, Office of Policy
Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT

4:00 pm

The best health care is local, and the best local models of care can become national initiatives. Learn how community-based organizations can help build active community engagement, trust, and visibility.

  • Discuss how community organizations are helping health plans meet their objectives
  • Assess how embedded aging and disability resource specialists can help integrate social services and traditional health care
  • Share what it means to be a good partner and how to best align goals with local government


Mohit M. Ghose
Mohit M. Ghose
Vice President, Government Relations
Beacon Health Options


Shannon Cosgrove
Shannon Cosgrove, MHA
Director, Community Health
Blue Shield of California

Kelli Emans
Kelli Emans
State Integration Unit Manager, Aging and Long Term Support Administration
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

David Kelly
David Kelly
Executive Director
Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities of Southwest Washington

Teodoro Norman
Teodoro Norman
Associate Vice President, Medicaid Clinical Operations
UPMC Health Plan

4:45 pm

Behavioral Health integration has been rolled out and managed differently in programs across the country, with states slowly moving to have services and financing under one model. Hear how states and plans must prepare for more complex behavioral health challenges and move from shared savings to shared risks.

  • Explore the strategies for transferring people, programs, and contracts into managed care
  • Assess how states and plans are partnering to co-manage risk
  • Discuss solutions to overcome access barriers, including challenges with reimbursement, policy, and understanding provider needs
  • Outline strategies for increasing engagement through alternative workers and focused teams
Mohit M. Ghose
Mohit M. Ghose
Vice President, Government Relations
Beacon Health Options

Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill
Vice President, Managed Markets
Alkermes, Inc.

Gary Weiskopf
Gary Weiskopf
Associate Commissioner for Managed Care
New York State Office of Mental Health