8:30 am
Denise J. Pesich
Denise J. Pesich
Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Affinity Health Plan

8:45 am

As health care spending in the U.S. continues to grow, insurers are helping to drive down costs within the current value-based care environment, but what does the future look like? Hear from the CEO of the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) the organization that holds claims data for approximately 100 million lives, including commercial, MA, and Medicare FFS. Gain insights based on research HCCI has conducted including the current health care spending landscape and whether or not value-based care can stem growth in spending. Furthermore, discuss the promise and peril of price transparency efforts, including those of the current Administration.

  • Discover recent trends in commercial health care spending using HCCI’s unique data assets
  • Examine how hospital and other prices have increased in recent years, driven in part by greater consolidation
  • Discuss data transparency efforts taking place across the industry, including the new CMS final and proposed rules for price transparency for hospitals, group health plans, and health insurances issuers
Niall Brennan
Niall Brennan, BA, MPP
President and CEO
Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI)

9:30 am

There are now over 75 million smart devices in people’s homes. While most are using these to give them the news and play music, UnitedHealthcare is partnering with providers to create a digital ecosystem that patients can navigate simply with their voice. Discuss the impact of smart technology on access, engagement, and patient privacy.

  • Hear how patients can find care and book an appointment in multiple languages just by using their voice
  • Understand how privacy concerns are mitigated with this emerging technology
  • Discover how this channel of engagement is integrated into other channels such as text, voice, and email
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen, MD
Senior Vice President
Population Health Management

10:45 am

Traditional tactics such as direct mail may seem to be the #1 option to drive member interest and feedback, but as more members embrace technology, the right combination of paper and digital marketing can help increase enrollment and provide new ways to elicit member feedback. Plan designs that include telehealth services provide another convenient resource that can be marketed to help drive enrollment and increase engagement.

  • Explore the impacts of digital and traditional methods, and scenarios for when to use each
  • Discover ways to increase overall response rates to initial enrollment, program enrollment, and research using digital efforts
  • Utilize digital channels to build retention by better engaging consumers at the beginning of the enrollment process
  • Discuss innovative telehealth offerings to educate consumers, help increase market share, and differentiate products
  • Analyze industry trends and consistent impression opportunities to reach different age groups
Alicia Kelley
Alicia Kelley
Vice President, Medicare Performance
Capital District Physicians' Health Plan (CDPHP)

Michael Spicer
Michael Spicer
Director of Product Innovation & Research
Capital District Physicians' Health Plan (CDPHP)

11:30 am

Over the past seven years, Walgreens and UnitedHealth Group have teamed up to develop a co-branded portfolio of Medicare plan options and ancillary services including Medicare Service Centers that will be located in Walgreens stores in select markets. Starting in January 2020, 14 Medicare Service Centers will be launched with the goal of not only helping consumers navigate their health care options and close gaps in care, but also provide extra benefits to those visiting Walgreens. Hear first-hand from UnitedHealthcare and Walgreens as they provide insight into their partnership and how they developed a mutually beneficial Medicare business segment strategy.

  • Gain insight into how the partnership evolved from initial preferred PDP plans to a co-branded MAPD plan and unique benefits that can be offered to members through this plan
  • Learn about the ‘store-within-a-store concept’ and types of services being offered in retail locations such as the ability for consumers to meet with service advocates to learn more about plan benefits and enroll
  • Examine how data sharing and implementing focused interventions is leading to improved pharmacy and health care outcomes for members
  • Discover added clinical services being offered as part of the partnership, such as retinal eye scans, flu shot clinics, and other treatments
  • Discuss the value of wrap-around programs for members such as discounts on certain health and wellness products
Diane Murdock
Diane Murdock, MBAHCM
Vice President, UnitedHealth Group Accounts
Pharmacy Market Development
Walgreen Co.

Michael Penca
Michael Penca
Senior Director, Medicare Healthcare Segment Development
Walgreen Co.

Marty Reyhons
Marty Reyhons
Sr. Director, Pharmacy Partnerships

Craig Stephens
Craig Stephens, RPh MBA
Vice President – Pharmacy Products and Network Strategy
UnitedHealthcare Government Programs

12:15 pm
1:45 pm

An effective branding strategy is crucial to achieve long-term success. In this session, discuss what a brand is and isn’t, and how to build a brand that people want to be a part of, engage with, and stay with.

  • Understand the elements of an effective brand development initiative
  • Learn about market drivers and how they impact brand loyalty
  • Understand how to evaluate brand effectiveness, internally and externally
  • Learn about brand implementation and roll-out
Tamara Castellano
Tamara Castellano
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Iron Road Healthcare

2:15 pm

The member care journey creates opportunities for health plans to showcase their unique offerings and gain loyal customers. Learn best practices on how to leverage positive experiences to solidify customer satisfaction and increase retention.

  • Identify key engagement points and understand the critical role of timing
  • Learn how to use a proactive and anticipatory approach for customer retention
  • Promote personalized and relevant content to increase engagement
Jodi Haskin
Jodi Haskin
Vice President, Strategic Engagement and Analytics
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP)

Kevin J. Potts
Kevin J. Potts
Chief Operating Officer
Iron Road Healthcare

Patrick Tracy
Patrick Tracy
Senior Director, CHIP, Individual Advantage, and Marketplace
UPMC Health Plan

3:30 pm

Incentives are a powerful tool. When implemented correctly, they can create buzz, engagement, and improved member experiences.

  • Evaluate the different types of incentive offerings to meet your consumers’ needs
  • Learn proven implementation strategies to increase consumer satisfaction and engagement
  • Discuss how to create an incentive strategy to effectively target different age groups
  • Understand and leverage the shift from participation incentives to outcome incentives
  • Learn how to navigate regulatory challenges
  • Review strategies on how to measure ROI effectively
Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal
Vice President, Engagement Marketing Strategy

Katie Allen
Katie Allen
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Rx Savings Solutions

4:15 pm

Learn best practices and strategies to leverage data analytics for positive behavior change and next level consumer engagement. Analyze how to best personalize data to produce effective marketing strategies to differentiate from the competition and gain market share.

  • Uncover ways to use data cost effectively to craft successful marketing strategies
  • Discuss opportunities to increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Analyze the best approach to personalize messaging to produce positive behavior change
  • Understand the challenges of data sharing and interoperability
  • Discover how to overcome barriers around data and privacy issues in a digital age
  • Learn which predictive analytic tools are most effective and how to integrate these into your marketing strategy to increase ROI
Rachelle L. Graham
Rachelle L. Graham
Senior Director, Government Marketing
UPMC Insurance Division

Vikash Singh
Vikash Singh
Senior Director, Marketing Analytics and Digital Marketing
UPMC Insurance Division